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  • Start 2020 Right: 5 Home Cleaning Hacks To Start Doing In The New Year

    This new year, make a resolution to keep your home spotless all the time!
    by Kate Borbon .
Start 2020 Right: 5 Home Cleaning Hacks To Start Doing In The New Year
  • For busy parents, cleaning hacks are always welcome, especially if these are quick, easy, and affordable to do! Below, let’s look back at some of the most memorable cleaning hacks we learned about in 2019 and want to start doing in the new year.

    5 cleaning hacks to try in 2020

    Use rice water as a cleaning agent

    Don’t throw away the water you used to wash your rice — it can be an effective cleaning agent for your home! Rice water has a starchy quality, making it good to use when scrubbing away food debris on cookware, and is also slightly acidic, making it good to use to get rid of mineral deposits and mild rust stains.

    Click here to learn about how you can use rice water to clean your home.

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    Organize your cable clutter

    Cluttered cables can be a hazard in the home: Aside from causing tripping, these can also pose strangulation risks, especially if you have little kids at home. These can be kept more organized using items like tissue paper rolls, bread tags, and even old CD spindles. You can even convert your old shoeboxes into charging stations to keep those wires out of sight.

    Click here to learn about DIY ways to organize your cable clutter.

    Clean your cleaning tools regularly

    The tools you use to clean your home, like mops, brushes, and rags, also need to be cleaned so they can be used more efficiently and last longer. For example, mops need to be washed after every use, mop buckets need to be disinfected after every use, and washing machines should be deep-cleaned at least once a month.


    Click here to learn about how to clean your cleaning tools.

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    Make homemade cleaning solutions

    While it can sometimes be more convenient to use a store-bought cleaning solution, it can also be more expensive and use up more time. Using items you already have in your kitchen, you can create cleaning agents that can be used on various parts of your home, from the kitchen counters to the toilet to even your trash cans.

    Click here to learn about recipes to create homemade cleaning solutions.

    Wash your sheets and pillows regularly

    Because sheets and pillows collect lots of dust, bacteria, fungi, and other icky things, it’s important to replace them regularly. You’ll also know you need to change your pillows when your existing ones become flat and bumpy, which means that they will no longer be able to support your head and neck properly.

    Click here and here to learn about how often you need to wash your pillows and sheets.

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