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  • 6 Hacks These Real Moms Do When They Are Too Tired to Clean

    These tried-and-tested tips will make cleaning the house so much easier.
6 Hacks These Real Moms Do When They Are Too Tired to Clean
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  • Fact: All moms are full-time moms. You take charge of caring for your kids and running a household no matter your career choices in life. Regardless if you’re working from home, taking jobs occasionally, or pursuing a career, being a mom means juggling all of these together with taking care of the family.

    Because of their millions of responsibilities, some moms have become real experts at multitasking and finding quick, effective, and practical solutions for managing a household—especially when it comes to housework.

    We talked to three moms with different lifestyles who shared their tips to make cleaning the home quick and painless. You’ll be surprised at how they manage everything so efficiently.

    1. Rinse the sink right after washing dishes.

    Cleaning the kitchen sink? Anna*, a stay-at-home mom with one child, says she washes her kitchen sink right after doing the dishes.

    This makes it easier to clean this area in the kitchen where food drippings and other scraps often accumulate. Anna scrubs and rinses the bottom and the sides of the sink, and then wipes it down together with the kitchen counters.

    Anna recommends following a strict cleaning schedule, which can be planned around your baby’s naptime.

    “Scheduling is the key for me,” says Anna, who is also a freelancer. “My toddler is at the exploration and clingy stage. When she's asleep, I do the chores. I also wake up early to get things done.”

    2. Let your cleaning solution sit.

    Cleaning the bathroom takes a lot of time and effort, but Anna has a trick that not only helps her keep the bathroom clean; it also enables her to multitask some chores.

    “I pour water and detergent mixed together onto the bathroom [floor], and then let the solution sit for a while. I come back after to rinse [the cleaning solution] and wipe down [the floor],” Anna says.

    “In the meantime, [while waiting for the cleaning solution to set in], I can do other things.”

    How to maximize this tip: Scrub the bathroom floor using handy tools like the Mr. Clean Aqua Broom Floor Squeegee or the Mr. Clean Shower & Tile Scrub. They help remove the grime from the bathroom tiles without damaging or scratching them.

    3. Stock on wipes for on-the-go cleaning.

    Kaye De Guzman, a work-at-home mom with one child, sticks by this rule, which most people have learned in school. “Clean as you go. It lessens the clutter. It lessens the cleaning time by the end of the day,” she says.

    To help her do this, Kaye likes to have wipes on hand for any on-the-go cleaning she has to do. “It’s a lifesaver, especially for spills that I need to clean immediately,” she says.

    How to maximize this tip: When choosing cleaning cloths for your home, pick sturdy and long-lasting products that you can throw in the wash, too. Mr. Clean’s Glass & Stainless Steel Microfibre Cloth can help bring back the shine to your appliances. The Kitchen Microfibre Cloth is handy to have in every corner of the kitchen, and the Dust Magnet Microfibre Cloth will help pick up dust on most surfaces.

    4. Designate trash bins and have cleaning items on hand in every room.

    Like Kaye, working mom Katrina Agacid-Nunes believes having the right tools immediately available at all times goes a long way in keeping the house neat.

    “We do have this handy cordless vacuum and mop for easy cleanup, along with antibacterial wipes [to spot-clean any] mess. We put these in an accessible place. Small bins are everywhere in our house, too—from the living room, balcony, [toilet], dining area, etc.,” she explains.

    5. Sweep now, but mop later.

    Part of juggling a lot of tasks is knowing how to work fast and work smart. This means knowing when to postpone a chore for later.

    Anna shares that sweeping floors is something that she does immediately when needed, while she saves mopping for early morning or late at night when her husband is at home.

    “I usually have limited time, so for floors, I do a quick overall sweep [as needed] and save the mopping for later. I always have to move fast—be it cleaning the bathroom or toilet, washing dishes, mopping, or sweeping,” says Anna.

    How to maximize this tip: Mr. Clean has the Sweep & Clean Microfibre Mop and the Scrub & Clean Broom suitable for cleaning floors. For spills, arm yourself with Mr. Clean’s Handy Gloves to protect your hands and minimize the mess, too.

    6. Choose your cleaning tools well.

    Katrina says moms should consider taking advantage of modern tools and technology when it comes to housework. In her case, she invests in reliable and user-friendly appliances and handy items that help lessen the physical load of cleaning.

    “[We have an] automatic washing machine, a vacuum, and a dishwasher to minimize our workload at home after a long and tiring day/night at work. [These are] a big help,” she explains.

    Having the appropriate tools is essential in any kind of task, and it helps if they are handy, affordable, and made of quality materials.

    Mr. Clean has a whole range of household cleaning items for every corner of the home. The brand's wide range of home-cleaning products is every mom’s companion when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of her home. Mr. Clean combines innovation, effectiveness, and affordability so that consumers will have a reliable tool for every cleaning task.

    When it comes to keeping your house neat and tidy, smart hacks, strategic schedules, and the right cleaning tools are the key to doing it quicker.

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    *Name withheld upon request.

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