Thanks, Daddy! 3 Ways Fathers Are Sharing The Parenting Load Right Now

Is dad also the quarantine "tribute" in your family?

This global pandemic has been difficult for families, having disrupted our everyday life. But while there are more stressful and exhausting days than calm and relaxing ones, one thing’s for sure: Our supportive dads have stepped up to help ease our burdens.

Here are some of the ways they’ve shown their love, care, and even ingenuity — all for the sake of their family.

1. Dad is the designated quarantine ‘tribute’ when shopping for food.

Pre-pandemic it was us, moms, who took care of buying food and other home essentials for the whole family. We have memorized the grocery aisles, have our own “suki” at the wet market, and even have detailed explanations why we buy a particular brand of toilet paper.

But because of quarantine restrictions, wherein only one person from the household could leave the house and shop, dads have become our well-meaning (but sometimes clueless) understudies.

Still, we see and know that they really try to find every item on our grocery lists — we know it could be challenging given the limitations imposed on buying necessities.

2. Dad never tires of finding ways to keep us safe and healthy.

Health, hygiene, cleanliness — these are the three things all families are prioritizing these days. And a lot of dads have appointed themselves as the family’s hygiene steward.

Dads remind us to take a bath after an errand outside the house. They volunteer to disinfect possible “contaminated” items like shoes, clothes, and bags. They even create face shields for the kids. We see our husbands doing everything they can to make sure the family is staying as safe as possible even when at home.

They’re also checking that our homes remain well-maintained, even to the point of going up the roof to see if the “alulod” is clear and secure for the coming rainy season.

3. Dad makes kids happy and keeps them entertained at home.

Bittersweet as it may be, this crisis has definitely made us aware of what’s truly important in life. Even dads realize how much they’re missing, particularly in our children’s lives.

Fathers are spending more quality time with the kids, playing with them with such energy and vigor that only dads can do. Some even are becoming more adept in taking care of the little ones, shouldering baby duties as we tend to the older kids.

We see this, dads, and our only wish is it never stops.

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