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  • Dad we Love: Francis Kong

    This Father’s Day month, we feature motivational speaker Francis Kong and share with you a peek into his inspiring insights, experiences, and lessons learned as a father.
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
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    Francis and Bryan KongWe couldn’t help but notice that all three have an entrepreneurial side, very much like their business-savvy father. “In the sense that they’re entrepreneurial, maybe yes,” Francis says. “But they would want to do things on their own, and I don’t want to interfere. I’m just there to support them."

    Francis is a firm believer in the idea that each kid has a gift, a calling in life that is uniquely theirs. Having seen so many children growing up frustrated, forced to take up a course they didn’t really want to study or forced to marry someone out of obedience to their parents, Francis laments the resentment that develops, as a result. “I don’t want that to happen to my kids,” he says.

    Francis’ idea of being a parent is not in ‘owning your kids’, rather, “some people call it stewardship, I merely call it leading them and managing them. So that’s the main reason why I don’t dictate to my own kids. I just support them and guide them.”

    When it comes to the parent’s role in helping the child decide what field to enter, Francis has a realistic view of things. “You cannot be specific with what fields they should enter into because nobody knows –not even your kids, not even you. You can however be intentional, with the things that you need to specify on.”

    Unconditional Love

    Francis, a Christian, uses an approach to parenting based on a moral framework. He emphasizes to his kids the importance of being humble, confident, and knowing how to relate to people. “You’ve got to fix your attitude, because at the end of the day, people would love to do business with someone who is more likeable than somebody who is not.”

    Making mistakes and investing in experiences are also important skills, Francis imparts. “You’re paying money in school in order to learn things. You also pay money to fail - in order to learn things. From there you move on to becoming wiser.”

    A deeper understanding of his children’s strengths and weaknesses, particularly learning about the left brain and right brain phenomeon, was pivotal in allowing Francis to refine his parenting style. The theory goes that the left brain is involved with reasoning, systems and processes, while the right brain is involved with concepts, arts and music.



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