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Good News! There's One Type of 'Kalat' You Can Keep at Home
PHOTO BY Dairy Darilag
  • It’s never easy to declutter. Merely thinking about going through cabinets and drawers can already be tiring. What more if you need to say goodbye to items with sentimental value? According to an article published by NBC News Better, “our desire to hold onto piles of old mementos can often be blamed on nostalgia. That’s because reminiscing about the past makes us feel good.”

    Just imagine stumbling upon a souvenir from an unforgettable trip or your child’s first drawing. Would you have the heart to throw these things out? Good news: you can keep items with sentimental value and give them a particular spot in your home.

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    How do you determine which type of kalat is worth keeping at home?

    You don’t need to keep all items with sentimental value. According to an article by Apartment Therapy, you need to set the bar high and keep meaningful items without hoarding every memento. This practice helps us to be “keenly in tune with exactly how certain things make us feel.”

    Pick a sentimental item according to a strict guideline

    Keeping every memorable item you have defeats the purpose of this decluttering challenge. Apartment Therapy notes that “being intentional about the emotions and spaces you choose to go back to will help you determine what to keep and what to pass along.”

    For example, you kept an item from your old home, but instead of making you feel happy, it only brings back sad memories associated with your former house. Instead of giving it a place in your drawer, it might be best to let it go.


    Maintain a minimalist mindset

    We’re sure you’re family with the famous phrase, “less is more.” This can be applied to how you’ll select sentimental item you’ll keep. Apartment Therapy emphasizes that “the more things we keep, the less the really good things have a chance to shine.”

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    Editing your belongings frees up space while letting you appreciate the item you’ve chosen to keep more. If you’ve inherited a family heirloom from your parents, would you still want to keep old furniture and the antique cabinets? Chances are, you won’t have space for these things in your home, too.

    Prepare a space for it

    Once you’ve picked an item you’d want to keep forever, it’s best to have a special place where you can keep it instead of stuffing in any available drawer or cabinet. Consider giving it a place of honor in your bedroom, your closet, or even in the living area! Placing it in the living area where guests can see it instantly turns it into a conversation starter. Talking about your chosen item and reliving the memories attached to it will put you in a good mood.

    What sentimental item are you going to keep?

    What other parents are reading

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