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Parang Bago! 6 Ways You Can Upgrade The Look Of Your Home Using Wallpaper
PHOTO BY (FROM LEFT) Courtesy of Brye Go-Raspado and Tin Reyes
  • If you’re a member of home improvement groups on Facebook (ahem, Home Buddies!), we’re sure you’ve seen a ton of posts featuring self-adhesive wallpapers and how you can make the most of each roll you buy. These days, you’re not limited to sticking it to a blank wall. From appliances and remote controls, to sockets and cabinets – you can use each roll to prettify and cover almost any surface.

    Traditional wallpaper vs self-adhesive wallpaper

    Traditional wallpapers, often used to cover bigger areas are more expensive compared to self-adhesive ones you can purchase online. Luxewalls.com.au explains that traditional wallpapers “doesn’t come prepared with adhesive and you have to mix your own paste to hang it.”

    Meanwhile, self-adhesive ones, as its name suggests, can be likened to big stickers wherein you can “simply peel off the back and smooth onto the surface of the wall.” The latter is often used by those who love decorating and changing the look of their spaces every once in a while.

    If you’re ready to work with self-adhesive wallpapers, here are ideas from Home Buddies worth saving as references for your next DIY project:

    1. A revamped ref

    Is your refrigerator showing signs of its age?
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Brye Go-Raspado

    If the ref is still running properly, you can refresh its look by choosing a color that resembles the shade of your appliance. Gray works best and you can even choose one with a pattern to give it an upgrade.

    According to Facebook user Brye Go-Raspado, he just used "tira-tirang wallpaper" for this upgrade. Now it looks brand new!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Brye Go-Raspado

    2. Seamless electrical switches

    Electrical switches can ruin the look of a beautiful wall so why not cover it with wallpaper that matches the entire area?
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Brye Go-Raspado
    watch now

    Wallpaper can conceal the switches and help you achieve a clean and seamless aesthetic.

    3. Transformed cabinets

    See how mom Tin Reyes transformed these cabinets and glass table!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Tin Reyes

    Wallpapers are great alternatives to cans of paint! You can use it to give your cabinet doors a makeover. Got extra rolls? Go ahead and cover containers and even planters.

    Tin only spent Php116 for the wallpaper!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Tin Reyes

    4. A brand-new looking table

    You have to see how mom Mariniña Ausa Cula transformed her old plastic table!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mariniña Ausa Cula

    Got a plastic work table in the kitchen? You can make it look brand-new or better yet, make it look like a wooden table with a sticker wallpaper with a wood-like design. Don’t forget to cover the legs as well — especially if the table has a striking color.

    Total cost to upgrade this table is Php184!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mariniña Ausa Cula

    5. Defined spaces

    Look at this dining room glow-up by Jerlyn Montoya-Vista!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Jerlyn Montoya-Vista

    In homes that follow an open layout, it’s a must to separate one area from another. You can use wallpaper to define your dining area from the living and kitchen areas. A solid color similar to the one seen above can make a statement.

    6. Inviting home office

    Thanks to this DIY wallpaper idea, mom Cy Yap shares that her background looks good every time she has an online meeting! It was a labor of love by her hubby — and their 5-year-old son.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Cy Yap

    Since many of us are still working from home, having a space meant for working is important. Give the extra room in your house a mini makeover with an eye-catching wallpaper that can instantly change the look of the space. A wallpaper with an industrial-inspired design/print can help you create an “office” aesthetic.

    How to Maintain Self-Adhesive Wallpapers

    While self-adhesive wallpapers are quite affordable and easy to use, you need to make sure it can stand the test of time (until your next makeover/budol!) so you can maintain the look and feel you want.

    1. Prep the surface. Make sure the surface you're working on is clean and free from dirt before you stick the wallpaper.
    2. Avoid air bubbles during application. During application, spot air bubbles, press it to release the air trapped inside before smoothening out the surface.
    3. Keep it dust-free.
    4. Avoid getting the wallpaper wet.
    5. Always keep extra rolls at home. You’ll never know when you would need it so if possible, stock up on extra rolls of self-adhesive wallpaper. You can use it to replace damaged corners and to deal with scratches.

    Want to share your #budgetperofancy home makeover and get featured? Email us at smartparentingsubmissions@gmail.com and tell us about your project. For more home improvement and renovation ideas, click here.

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