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  • Have A Rechargeable Generator? 7 Useful Items To Make You Emergency Ready At Home

    by Kitty Elicay .
Have A Rechargeable Generator? 7 Useful Items To Make You Emergency Ready At Home
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Felco and Promate
  • When Typhoon Ulysses made its presence felt late November 11, 2020, power went out in different parts of the country, including our home in Antipolo City. As we went through our day without electricity, it made me realize that there are some useful tools and gadgets you can have at home to help you get by during emergencies.

    7 gadgets that are useful for emergencies

     While we do not wish for another disaster, it is always best to be properly equipped for times like these. Here are 7 handy items to make you emergency ready at home.

    USB-Powered LED Lamp (Php278)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lazada

    Originally bought as an overhead lamp for my workstation, this became quite useful during the power outage, as it provided bright light for our kitchen while cooking at night.

    It’s quite cheap, too. The lamp comes with magnetic strips that you can stick on to any surface, so it’s easy to move around.


    To save time, I placed a baking pan on a kitchen shelf, extended it a bit and attached the light. Because it’s USB-powered, I just needed a power bank to turn it on!

    Available online.

    Samgy Portable Butane Stove and Hanaro Non-stick Grill Plate (Php850)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Shopee

    If you’ve been relying on induction stoves in your homes, you might become frustrated that you are unable to cook during a power outage. This handy butane stove is not just for samgyupsal, you can also boil water and cook meals on your pans using it. Just make sure there is enough ventilation.

    Available online.

    EBL Battery Charger and AA Rechargeable Batteries (Php950)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lazada
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    Most gadgets nowadays have internal rechargeable batteries, but it’s always useful to have a set of AAs just in case. This was helpful for us because it gave power to our flashlights. You can also use it for toys — to keep your kids occupied while there is no power.

    Available online.

    Akari 8-inch and 5-inch Rechargeable Cooling Fans (Php975)


    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Akari

    If you have little ones at home, you can keep them cool with these mini fans that come with a USB-ready power bank and night light. The fan can function up to 5 hours on low mode and 3 hours on low mode.

    Available online.

    Romoss Sense 8 30,000mAh Power Bank (Php999)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lazada

    It might be heavier than other power banks, but this portable device can easily charge two devices at the same time via USB. The 30,000mAh capacity can charge an iPhone 8 12 times, a Samsung S9 7 times, a Nintendo Switch 4 times, and an iPad mini 4 times.

    Available online.

    Firefly Rechargeable 3-Speed Fan with Night Light (Php2,160)


    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Felco

    If you want something bigger (and stronger), this rechargeable fan can last up to 7 hours on low setting. Its light also lasts up to 15 hours. The only caveat is that it won’t be able to charge your devices — but it will certainly keep you cool!

    Available online.

    Promate 120 Powerstation (6,999)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Promate

    This mini, rechargeable generator with a 38,900 mAh battery can give the juice you need to keep you safe and connected all day. It has an electric socket so you can easily plug in a router, laptop, or fan. It also has USB slots for your phones and a night light.

    Charge your laptop, phone, fan, and router all at the same time for a full hour. If you don’t need that many devices, the number of hours it will give you power can increase.

    Available online.

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