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A Bodega-like Space Gets Completely Transformed After Home Makeover
PHOTO BY Miguel Nacianceno
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  • Ok lang ba if my place is like a bodega?” Framelia Anonas said after she won a Real Living Makeover in 2006. Given her job as a science journalist, the home she shares with her family is filled with books, notebooks, projects, personal belongings, and a ton of newspapers. Aside from the Monoblock chairs that complete the living room, the family has an improvised seating piece—a covered stack of newspapers. “Well, if you can’t get rid of junk, you can at least sit on it,” the owner shares.

    With the expertise of designer Vivian Gacad, the family was able to achieve a welcoming and functional home. “Real Living gave me a chance to have a taste of a real home when I was finally selected for the December makeover,” says Framelia. After the brief yet productive makeover period, the once cramped home became a space where the family can bond and even have friends over. Gone are the plastic chairs and eyesores, as the designer created a comfy living area, a bright dining room, and an organized kitchen completed with sturdy and contemporary furniture pieces. The bonus? There are enough storage nooks for the family’s possessions.

    Living Area

    PHOTO BY Miguel Nacianceno

    Before the makeover, the living area served different functions. Aside from being the area where the family can convene, it also became a storage center of sorts, with a metal shelf filled various reading materials, boxes, bins, and even a washing machine. Adding to the cramped and drab look are the linoleum and the plain walls.

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    To turn things around, Vivian had vinyl tiles installed to mimic the look of parquet wood. A wrinkled portion of the ceiling was replaced with new plywood and the entire underside of the roof was painted white to create an airy, spacious look. The designer also opted to paint the walls with a custom shade of baby blue.

    Replacing the plastic chairs and tables are contemporary furniture pieces. Vivian chose a beige day bed and spruced it up with brown and green pillows. The color combo is relaxing and reminiscent of nature. Rounding up the new look are the inviting armchair, striped area rug, and a sturdy coffee table.

    TV Area

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    What better way to enjoy movies and TV shoes than with an organized TV nook? Vivian brought in a shelf where the TV, a collection of CDs, and books can be stored.

    Under-the-stairs nook

    PHOTO BY Miguel Nacianceno

    Huge boxes and a washing machine used to take up the space under the stairs. To make it more functional, Vivian added a study table where Framelia's kids can study and get some schoolwork done. She also added a lamp to make sure it's well-lit and ideal for studying.

    PHOTO BY Miguel Nacianceno

    A wall-mounted shelf came in handy for the family's numerous books. To personalize this corner, the designer displayed potted plants, accessories, and framed photographs.


    PHOTO BY Miguel Nacianceno

    Maintaining open shelves can be difficult, especially if you have a ton of belongings and don't de-clutter regularly. Prior to the makeover, Framelia and her family had messy shelves filled with food ingredients and groceries. To keep clutter at bay and to maintain the streamlined look, the designer decided to cover it up and painted the cabinet doors white.

    Meanwhile, the cabinets under the sink are painted tangerine to liven up the compact cooking area. To match the cabinets, the designer also had red-orange tiles installed as part of the backsplash to complete the lively new look.


    Lighting plays a key role in the overall look of a home. To add to the home's new appeal, Vivian installed pendant lights in the living and dining areas. These lights cast a warm glow over the areas, complementing the natural light streaming through the window. In the kitchen, she also installed a recessed lighting fixture to fill it with white light, making cooking easier.

    To separate the dining area from the kitchen, the designer had a wooden divider painted mahogany installed. A six-seater wooden dining set was brought in to replace the olive green Monoblock set. Vivian also installed a horizontal mirror to create an illusion of a bigger, wider space.

    This article (Home at Last) originally appeared in the December 2006 issue of Real Living Magazine.


    This story originally appeared on Realliving.com.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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