What Your Favorite Body Care Ingredient Says About You As A Mom

Do you prefer the calming power of lavender or the sweetness of milk?

With everything a mom has to do in a day, having a few minutes for personal care is already tantamount to doing self-care. That’s why it's important to make an effort to choose body care products that have nourishing ingredients.

What you may not know is your preference for certain personal care products can also reflect your personality as a mom. After all, the choices an individual makes say something about her as a person.

Below, we list some of your favorite body care ingredients and discuss what they most likely say about you. Read on!


Making antibacterial personal care products your go-to option means you’re sensible and practical about most things at home. You prefer not to fuss about the little things because you know your priorities in life. You have clear-cut goals as a mom because you’re someone who always wants what’s good for her family.

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A mom who loves milk-based body care products is in essence a softie — especially when it comes to her kids. You’re sweet, affectionate, and doting. But, being a softie doesn’t mean you let your children get away with being naughty. You do make sure they understand the importance of respect and boundaries, but you make an effort to explain these to them while being sensitive to their feelings.

Here's a milk-based body care product that helps hydrate the skin and is suitable for those with normal skin: Avon Care Hydrating Body Milk Hand and Body Lotion. If you have kids ages 13 and up, they can also use it to give their skin some TLC.

Royal Jelly

You have a way with words, mom! You know the right things to say to your children without dampening their spirits — kind of like how gentle yet potent the royal jelly you so love. You prioritize having an open, loving, and non-judgmental relationship with your kids. And because of this, they know that they can be honest with you.

If you have dry to extra-dry skin, you'd do well to incorporate a moisturizing, royal jelly-infused lotion into your care routine. Try Avon Care Moisturizing Royal Jelly Hand and Body Lotion.


Avocado is an enriching ingredient on the skin, and you hold the same effect on your kids. Maybe it’s because you’re the kind of mom who doesn’t force anything on them. You understand that children are individuals with their own quirks and interests. That’s why you make an effort to support them in whatever they do — and because of this, your kids know you’ll always be their No. 1 fan.

Here's another lotion to try if you have a dry or extra-dry complexion: Avon Care Restoring Avocado Oil Hand and Body Lotion — it helps restore and nourish the skin.


Loving oatmeal in your body care products may probably equate to how you prioritize the health of your family — and not just their physical health, too! As a mom, you make it a point to nurture and care for your children’s emotional and mental well-being. One of the ways that you do it is by giving them the freedom to explore on their own while assuring them that you’re always there to catch them if they fall.

If you love the soothing quality oatmeal provides in personal care products, give Avon Care Soothing Oatmeal Hand and Body Lotion a try. This is also suitable for those who have sensitive skin.


To your children, you’re most likely whom they go to for calm and comfort — similar to how you prefer to use lavender-scented products at the end of a long, busy day. As a mom, you have this soothing and relaxing effect on people, even when you don’t say anything. Most of the time, a loving touch from you — be it a pat or a hug — is enough to calm your kids down.

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Just like powder, you have a fresh and bright aura about you. It radiates within you, whether you’re with your hubby and kids or with your mommy friends. People just love being in your company because you’re a positive influence. And your kids see it, too! That’s why they look up to you as their role model.

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Self-care through good personal care shouldn’t be a luxury. If anything, it should be a daily practice for you and the whole family.

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Here’s a gentle reminder to always #ChooseCare for yourself and your family!

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