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  • You’ve probably heard of the Hungry Ghost Month, the traditional Chinese festival celebrated on the 7th month of the Lunar Year (typically in August). The “hungry ghosts” are ancestors, evil spirits, and the ghosts of people who have died in a violent manner, and it is believed that the gates of hell open up and these ghosts roam the earth during this period, causing all sorts of calamities.

    Along with the Ghost Month, there are the various pamahiin (beliefs) that go with it, such not moving into a new home, not signing contracts, and not getting married. But you still have to keep house and maintain it, right? Here are some tips on how to work around the month and avoid bad luck.

    DO add Fu Dogs to your entrance.

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    According to feng shui expert Maritess Allen, “The main door is the mouth where the bulk of energy is coming from.” Aside from keeping it clean and well-lit, which attracts good energy, the addition of two Fu Dog figures can help repel bad energy. Fu Dogs are powerful animals from the Feng Shui tradition that are used as protectors from bad luck and spirits. 
    You can get Fu Dogs from Purple Orchid Home at Powerplant Mall.

    DO use good luck charms.


    There are many Feng Shui amulets and symbols that you can display or carry with you during ghost month. One of this is the “ghost catcher” or Chung Kwei (sometimes called Zhong Kui), which is a statue of a Chinese mythological figure that vanquishes evil spirits. You can find this at World of Feng Shui and at other Feng Shui stores.

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    DON'T do major construction or renovation work.


    Spirits get attracted to noise, so save the major works that entail a lot of drilling, grinding, nailing, and banging about to another month. Limit the repairs to simple essential touchups—there is no need to delay that leaky faucet or broken lightbulb (which will make your house dark anyway, and that’s unlucky).

    DON'T sleep facing a mirror.


    Mirrors are sometimes regarded as “soul stealers” in Feng Shui, which isn’t a good idea during ghost month, and besides, isn’t waking up to a reflection in the middle of the night a little scary? Simply reposition the mirror, or if it’s too big, drape a big cloth over it.

    DON'T use a lot of pieces in black.
    The color black is said to attract hungry spirits, and you wouldn’t want a lot of that during this period. Simply minimize the use of solid black drapes, bed sheets, and slipcovers during this month. Doing this also help lighten up the atmosphere in your home as well.

    This story originally appeared on Realliving.com.ph.

    * Minor edits have been made by the Smartparenting.com.ph editors.

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