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  • Welcome Luck and Prosperity to Your Home With Feng Shui (No Lucky Charms Required)

    Improve the positive energy in your home with these feng shui tips.
    by Cielo Anne Calzado .
Welcome Luck and Prosperity to Your Home With Feng Shui (No Lucky Charms Required)
  • The home is our safe space, where we probably feel the happiest because we have the company of our family. So we do our best to make sure it has a cozy and positive energy to relax and enjoy it to the fullest. And when it comes to energy, using feng shui can help harness the positivity in your space.

    How to do simple feng shui to achieve a better, brighter, and happier home

    Keep the outside of your home clean and inviting.

    PHOTO BY Unsplash

    Are there broken pots lining up the pathway leading to your door? Are your lights in good working condition? Remember, for positivity to find its way to your home, there needs to be a clean and well-lit pathway.

    Your front door needs to complement the outside of your home.

    According to The Spruce, the front door is the “mouth” of the home where positive energy enters. To harness good eng shui energy, the door needs to be in good condition, which means no chipping paint, a broken knob, and loose screws.


    Decorate the front of your house.

    The simplest way to do it is decorate with plants! They don’t just look good, they can add balance and good energy into your home’s overall feel, too.

    Organize the entryway.

    From the front door, energy flows into the home through the entryway. Don't break its flow with a cluttered space. Have a bin for shoes to keep it in place, a vase of flowers to add to the refreshing vibe, and a mirror that signifies the circulation of energy around the home.

    Revamp your living room.


    Don't block doors with furniture to keep the positive energy flowing. You can also place the sofa against the wall.
    PHOTO BY runna10/ISTOCK

    Keep the dining area welcoming.

    Aside from getting rid of things that don’t belong in the dining area, you may want to put a vase of flowers on display as centerpiece. You can also hang a mirror on one wall to reflect the dining table.

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    Note the placement of your sink and stove in the kitchen.

    According to an article published by House Beautiful, the kitchen symbolizes nourishment in feng shui.
    PHOTO BY Pixabay

    To maintain the positive energy in your kitchen, make sure the sink and stove aren’t opposite each other, and the the stove is not placed under the window or opposite the door.

    Keep the bathroom clean.

    Regularly clean the bathroom and make sure it’s smelling fresh all day, too. Some say that to keep positive energy from leaving the house, it’s a must to keep the toilet seat cover down when not in use.

    If you have a garden, make sure you maintain it.

    A well-maintained garden doesn’t just add to the overall look of your home, it also helps maintain the positive energy. Keep the plants healthy and thriving, and make sure you trim the bushes regularly. Sweep dried leaves and don’t forget to replace broken lighting pieces immediately.


    Sources: MindBodyGreen | House Beautiful

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