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  • Fun and Clever Ways to Make Household Chores Feel a Little Lighter

    Who says moms can't enjoy gawaing bahay?

    Being the chief operating officer of the house—a.k.a. the one responsible for household chores—is a physically demanding role. Keep in mind, though, that you need to find ways to have a little fun while you're at it. It's also wise to distribute your chores within the week. Try not to cram it all into one day so you won't feel overwhelmed.

    You can also involve your kids in the fun! Teach your kids the art of work and play by turning chores into a game, such as a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items they should find around the house and have them race to put it back in place. The one with the most items checked and tasks completed on the list wins and gets a cool reward (ice cream!).

    We've got a list of more simple ways to make household chores fun and quick. Check it out. 

    Make the house your dance floor and yourself the DJ

    Turn up the volume and play your favorite songs or dance hits before you start your household tasks. Dance like nobody's looking or sing your heart out—music is a great way to put you in the mood to groove from one chore to another.

    Eat comfort food in between chores

    Your body needs to recharge and, more importantly, you deserve a reward yourself. The little ptreats, like eating a quick bite of pan de sal with peanut butter and jam or drinking ice-cold soda right after doing your errands, go a long way.

    Get organized

    Get rid of clutter by getting organizers for your home. When you know which thing goes where, you're sure nothing get left lying around the house.

    Teach your kids (and husband) to clean up after themselves, too. That way, there won't be much clutter to clean up at the end of the week—it's one less thing for you to do.

    Savor a soothing scent

    An effective way to help one feel lighter, more relaxed is doing aromatherapy, because a good scent can activate a chemical reaction in the brain that evokes feelings of happiness or helps one relax.

    During laundry time, which is one of the most physically exhausting tasks at home, use a laundry detergent that is equally hardworking and has a great fragrance like Surf Laundry Detergent with Fabcon. There's a perfect fragrance for you. Choose Rose Fresh, Cherry Blossom, Sun Fresh, Purple Blooms, Blossom Fresh, Kalamansi, and Tawas scents.

    With the right plan and attitude, you can carry out chores without being too stressed. Remember to have fun and reward yourself for a job well done. Just like Surf, there's a bonus in every specially marked sachet: free 5MB Facebook and five free texts. Look for the promo code inside the sachet and text SURF {space} the promo code (example: SURF 123456789) and send to 4388. Chore bore no more!


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