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  • This Music Video in Filipino Will Make You Want To Wash Your Hands (Major LSS Involved)

    Basain, sabunin, kuskusin, kuskusin!
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
This Music Video in Filipino Will Make You Want To Wash Your Hands (Major LSS Involved)
PHOTO BY screengrabbed from Dakila Philippines/Youtube
  • The Department of Health has just confirmed today, March 6, 2020, that the Philippines has two new cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines — the fourth and fifth cases in the country so far, as reported by CNN Philippines.

    In a press briefing, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said that unlike the previous cases, one of the two patients has no recent history of travel to countries that have the virus. The 62-year-old Filipino man was admitted in a Metro Manila hospital on March 1 and was diagnosed with severe pneumonia.

    The second patient visited Tokyo, Japan and returned to the Philippines on February 25.

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    While a cure or vaccine for the novel coronavirus is still yet to be found, health professionals reiterate that the best defense for the disease is still prevention.

    Frequent handwashing, avoiding crowded areas, avoiding close contact with symptomatic individuals, and disinfecting surfaces around your home will lower your chances of catching the virus. 


    Disappointingly, many still do not observe proper hygiene despite the danger of getting infected. But even those who wash their hands can sometimes fall short of the standard: not washing often enough, not washing long enough, not washing before certain tasks — all of these pose a threat to health. 

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    If your family or community needs a reminder on how to do proper handwashing, this video will probably stick. You have to watch it to find out why.

    The video simply titled "Hugasan ang Kamay" features an original upbeat song in Filipino. Its lighthearted treatment, colorful visuals and the catchy tune make the 3-minute video funny and educational all at the same time. It reminds us why we need to wash our hands, how to do handwashing right, when to wash our hands, and how to have fun while doing it!

    Basain, sabunin, kuskusin, kuskusin 

    Basain, sabunin, kuskusin, kuskusin

    Bago ka magluto

    watch now

    Bago ka maghain

    Maghugas ng mga kamay 

    Bago ka kumain

    Bago mo i-hele 

    Bago magpadede

    Hugasan ang kamay

    Pag hahawak ka kay baby

    Basain, sabunin mga kamay

    Kuskusin ang daliri nang pantay

    Kuskusin ang palad 

    Kuskusin nang mahusay

    Pati ilalim ng kuko

    Ay iyong idamay

    Hugasan ang kamay at iwagayway

    Hugasan ang kamay at iwagayway

    Basain, sabunin, kuskusin, kuskusin

    Pagkatapos mong hawakan at pakainin

    Ang mga alaga mong hayop na dumihin

    Ang mga kamay simulan mo nang linisin

    Bago pa lumipat ang sakit na aalipin sa 'yo.

    Kailangan mo ito gawin

    Wastong paglinis ng kamay pairalin

    Pagkatapos sa kubeta

    Pagpasok mo sa bahay

    Diretso ka sa gripo

    Kamay iyong ialay

    Hugasan ang kamay at iwagayway

    Hugasan ang kamay at iwagayway

    "Hugasan ang Kamay" is a public service project of Building Resilient Communities Through Effective WASH Governance in Maguindanao (BRiC), with support from OXFAM, UNICEF, and in partnership with Dakila (Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism).


    According to Mike Cabardo, who directed the public service video, "Hugasan ang Kamay" was produced after the Yolanda tragedy in 2013 to address a hygiene crisis among typhoon survivors in the damaged areas.

    "[The clients] wanted to spread awareness on the importance of hand-washing, in song (and dance) form. They chose this treatment as this was most relatable to the intended audience, and its funny and positive treatment would be better received by people who had just gone through a tragedy."

    That said, even when there's no health threat, always remember to wash your hands to stay healthy!

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