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  • Beat The Holiday Rush With The Help Of Absolute Distilled Drinking Water

    Don't forget to stay hydrated, moms!
Beat The Holiday Rush With The Help Of Absolute Distilled Drinking Water
  • Countries around the world have their own traditions of celebrating the Yuletide season, but we Filipinos arguably top the list with the longest and most festive Christmas season, which starts in September.

    Despite strict restrictions and limited movement, many Filipino moms wouldn't let this season pass without giving it a touch of the merry Filipino Christmas spirit. After all, the holidays are for showing love and appreciation to your family.

    Year after year, moms have worked hard day and night to prepare for one of the most awaited family occasions of the year — the Noche Buena. And this year is no different. Given the situation, moms will need to give extra effort to come up with ingenious ways to show their pure love to their families.

    Going back to basics

    Aside from preparing the best of the best classic Filipino recipes to be served on your Christmas spread, another gift you can give your families is the gift of care, love, and health.

    Moms, if you’re still going out of the house to shop for household necessities and grocery items for Noche Buena, make sure you’re prepared and armed for battle.

    1. Stay hydrated. Pack a single-serve bottle of Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, available in 250ml, 350ml, and 500ml bottles. Having your own water reduces your trips to restaurants and ensures that you can hydrate with your trusted ally, Absolute Water.

    2. Limit your grocery runs to 2 hours. The more time you spend outside, the more you are susceptible to any kind of virus and disease, and there is always that fear of bringing those home to your loved ones.

    3. Prepare a list and stick to it. The outside world is a battlefield and you should come ready with strategy. Avoid roaming around the store and buy only those on your list.

    4. Maximize all delivery platforms. Mom, you are the superhero in your own home, but that doesn’t mean you need to carry all the heavy loads of groceries in one go. Because proper hydration for the family’s Christmas celebration should be ensured, you can opt to have ABI Same Day Delivery to replenish your stocks of Absolute 4L-8L.

    In an ever-changing world, moms are always on the lookout for new products and services to try. However, you should also learn to find your “constants” – the brands that have been with you through life’s different highlights and lowlights, continuing to deliver only quality goods and services. These are the brands that you can trust to provide you with the excellence that you’re used to.

    Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International, a US-based international food and beverage safety certifying institution that has co-authored American food and safety standards.

    Even in these challenging times, Absolute’s mission remains the same: to deliver products that provide the same high-quality care that moms selflessly give their families.

    Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water is available in leading supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide. Online orders can be made through this link: bit.ly/ABIOrder

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