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  • Househelper: New Set of Tasks = Raise?

    Do additional responsibilities always entail a salary raise?
    by Tisha C. Bautista .
  • househelper

    Instead of getting another helper to take on a new set of duties, I’m thinking of increasing my current helper’s responsibilities instead, along with a raise. What percentage increase is fair? How should I bring up the topic with her?

    Although generally, this is a good idea to adapt both from a practical viewpoint as well as a psychological one, there are other things to consider.

    On the positive end, a raise is always a good thing for any employee. It also helps bring down general household costs. For example, it is more expensive to spend for the food, board and lodgings and even the uniform of an additional person than it is to retain the ones that you have. It also boosts morale for other employees knowing that hard work will be rewarded. An improvement in career path also indicates an increase in trust and confidence in your employee. Faith in someone else is an excellent motivator for the entire household.

    Conversely, other things should also be considered.

    1. Can your staffer actually handle the additional work without the quality of her existing workload suffering?
    2. Does your staffer believe she can actually do the work or does she feel she needs more training or experience?
    3. Does your staffer even want to do the work? She must be honest with you from the onset and come clean with her thoughts.
    4. What are her expectations? Will more work also mean more clout with employers? Does she have additional benefits aside from an increase in salary?
    5. Have you spoken to the other members of your staff to clarify the new workload and job descriptions and how it will affect everyone else? Be very transparent with them as well and discuss how different tasks fit into the big picture.


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