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  • 7 Tips to Help You Clean the Bathroom Even When You're Super Busy

    Believe it or not, you can do it in 10 minutes or less!
    by Cielo Anne Calzado .
7 Tips to Help You Clean the Bathroom Even When You're Super Busy
  • No one really looks forward to cleaning the bathroom. Aside from dealing with the funky smell, you also need to scrub the tiles thoroughly to avoid the buildup of mold and mildew. It doesn’t help that the bathroom gets easily cluttered, too! From bottles of shampoo and lotion to towels and soap bars, we keep these and more on the counter, adding to the disorganized look. What if we tell you that you can get rid of the mess in 10 minutes or less?

    How to achieve a sparkling bathroom without breaking a sweat

    According to an article by Apartment Therapy, the trick is to dedicate at least five minutes of your time every day to help declutter the bathroom. “If you skip a few days here and there it’s easy for your bathroom to get the layer of dust and grime that takes more than just a few minutes to remove,” author Sarah Rae Smith shares.


    Bust the clutter

    Get rid of unnecessary items on the counter and put things back to its rightful place. Discard empty bottles and expired products immediately. Extra toiletries and fresh towels must be kept under the sink, inside a cabinet, or on the shelf.

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    Wipe the surfaces

    Apartment Therapy shares that the second minute of your cleaning routine must be dedicated to surface cleaning. You can pour a multipurpose or toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet bowl and let it sit for a few seconds before brushing around it and flushing. While letting the cleaner sit, you can wipe the counter, the sink, and lastly, the toilet tank and seat.

    If you’re pressed for time and you unexpectedly ran out of toilet bowl cleaner, Good Housekeeping suggests using bleach as an alternative. “Pour a cup into the bowl, and brush around the sides and under the rim. Let sit for five minutes.” Those precious minutes can be used clearing out the clutter (tip #1) or wiping the surfaces.

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    Deal with the floor

    Bathroom floors can easily get dirty and muddy. Solve this by scrubbing it with a floor pad. Pour a cup of multipurpose cleaner on a wet floor and get to work. You can rinse it with water afterwards. If the floor isn’t wet or muddy, Reader’s Digest suggests getting rid of dust and grime. “Do a once-over with a broom and dust pan, and then go back and spot-clean any stubborn stains – both of which will take less time than a comprehensive mopping.”

    Make sure everything is in the right place

    Gather used towels and hang them to dry. Clean hand towels must be folded neatly and placed on the counter for easy access. Are clothes scattered all over the bathroom? Collect each and place them in the hamper.

    Bring out the necessary toiletries

    Hand soaps, shampoo bottles, and everything else you need must be within your reach. Corral these into a pretty tray or bin you can place on the counter. Got an empty toilet paper roll? Don’t forget to replace it before leaving the bathroom.

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    Scent matters

    By now, you’ve already solved the unpleasant smell of your bathroom. Keep it smelling clean and fresh all-day by spraying an odor absorber or placing a reed diffuser on the counter. The refreshing scent of eucalyptus or the soothing scent of lavender can be used in your T&B.

    Throw out the trash

    Before giving yourself a pat on the back for a cleanup job done well, don’t forget to put all your discarded items in one trash bag. Don’t leave it in the bathroom and make sure you replace the plastic or liner of your trash bin. Click here for a hack you can do to avoid a smelly trash bin.

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