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  • How to Grow your Own Organic Garden at Home

    Why buy when you can grow it? We give you tips on how to get you started on your own organic vegetables garden.
    by Martine De Luna .
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  • General organic gardening tips

    1. Let your plants get full sun. Make sure your plants get enough sun, at least 8 hours a day. This will be tricky during the rainy season, so consult your weather stations first before starting your garden. This is because your plants will need plenty of light and heat so that they can photosynthesize.

    2. Water your plants well. This is especially important for container gardens, which tend to dry out quickly. A vegetable patch in your yard can do with a good watering once a day, but for a container garden, you'll need to water your plants twice a day. As a rule, wait until the soil is barely dry in your containers before you water again.

    3. Fertilize. You can buy compost-based organic fertilizers from your local organic farmer. These will be plant-based or mineral-based, or some may even be made from animal waste. Organic fertilizers, to be specific, don't contain ingredients with genetically-modified organisms, so be sure to check labels and inquire with your organic farmer about their sources. Whatever your preference, remember that fertilizers are necessary in order for your soil to be rich in nutrients. (Container gardens, in particular, need more fertilization than a vegetable patch in your garden.)

    4. Control pests. Since you won't be using artificial fertilizers or synthetic pesticides for your organic garden, you need to have the right tools that will help your plants growth safely and healthily without much problems. Whether you plant a container garden or a vegetable patch, bugs will be a problem. The best thing to do to prevent a bug infestation is by keeping your plants well watered so that they don't wilt (as wilted leaves attract bugs). As for aphids, you'll need to remove these by hand. You can repel them with a simple spray made with garlic, which contains sulfur that is toxic to pests. To make this spray, finely chop three to four cloves of garlic, and add them to two teaspoons of mineral oil. Let this soak overnight. Strain the oil and discard the garlic, then add the solution to one pint of water. Add a dash of organic liquid dish soap. Use two tablespoons of this solution with one pint of water in a spray bottle whenever you need to spray your plants.

    Maintaining your organic garden
    Whether you have a vegetable patch in the yard or a container garden, you'll need to exert the same amount of effort to maintain it. Remember to give it plenty of time to grow, and be diligent about watering the plants, sunning them, tilling the soil and keeping pests away.


    Photo from flickr creative commons

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