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  • How to Manage 5 Common Summer Health Problems

    The summer season ushers in a slew of illnesses that can affect both you and your kids. Be on your guard against these common sicknesses.
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    1. Swimmer’s Ear. 

     These painful earaches indicate an infection in the inner and outer ear canal, and can often lead to discharge and itching. Eardrops, sometimes with antibiotics, usually cinch the problem. 

    Helpful Hint: Make sure your child swims in safe, clean waters as swimmer’s ear is usually contracted when swimming in polluted water.

    2. Rashes and blisters. 

    During the summer, kids come in contact with the outdoors quite often, which can be cause for infections, sunburn, or allergies. Calamine lotion is a typical fix for itching (from insect bites, for example), although more persistent cases should be dealt with by a dermatologist.

    3. Dengue 

    At the onset, dengue comes with headaches, joint and muscle pains, fever, and rashes. It usually lasts between two to seven days, during which close attention must be paid to the child’s platelet count. If you suspect your child has this disease, bring him immediately to the hospital for close monitoring.



    4. Food poisoning. 

     Eating bacteria-laden food can result in several painful symptoms—nausea, stomachaches, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and gastroenteritis. Food poisoning typically lasts hours to a few days. Make sure your child gets enough vitamins - a strong constitution can help fight off bacteria.

    5. Flu. 

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     Protect your child from contracting this virus by making sure he stays away from those who are sick. Also be aware of the regularly scheduled vaccinations your pediatrician offers. Stick to the classic cure of rest, and liquids; and call on your doctor to ensure you’re giving the right type of medicine.

    Photography by Jun Pinzon

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