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  • Make Your Kids Look Forward To Homeschooling Again By Upgrading Their Study Area—Here’s How

    Having an air-con with a built-in antibacterial filter helps!
Make Your Kids Look Forward To Homeschooling Again By Upgrading Their Study Area—Here’s How
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  • Our children have been learning from home for over a year now. Chances are, some of you probably have already observed how your online learners seem to be slowly losing interest in it. The monotony of their days and the lack of interaction with their friends and classmates are likely part of the reasons why.

    While these things are generally out of your control due to the current situation, there is something you can do to hopefully help make the study-from-home setup exciting again. That is: to apply a few upgrades in their study area to make it even more conducive for learning—all while keeping the kids happy and comfortable.

    Sprucing up their study space, no matter how big or small it is, can be a good start in bringing back their motivation. Keep reading for some ideas on how you can go about this:

    1. Cozy up their seats

    The kids spend a lot of time sitting on their study chair, so make sure that it is not only comfortable, but also aids in promoting proper sitting posture.

    Doing this can be as simple as picking a chair with back support and adding a cushion for added comfort. You can even let your little student pick a cute one featuring their favorite cartoon character!

    And if the space permits, try adding a floor rug (perhaps a fluffy one in their favorite color?). It can serve as a place for them to relax in or as a play area. If your budget allows it, throw in a bean bag chair, too!

    2. Put up a ‘mood board’ on their wall

    Yes, kids need inspiration, too — just like adults! While artists and designers mount mood boards when coming up with concepts and themes for their projects, you can help your kids create a simple one showing all the things they love.

    Pin up photos of the kids with their friends and cousins or their favorite pet, a magazine cutout of their favorite actor or singer, stickers, printouts that depict their favorite sport or dream job—the possibilities are endless!

    Then, put this mood board up on one of the walls in their study area. This way, when they find their eyes wandering, they’ll have their favorite things to look at.

    While you’re at it, you can also put up a calendar, where your kid can jot down reminders and create lists, whether for school or play. Getting to tick those boxes after finishing each one will surely give them a feeling of satisfaction!

    3. Keep their school supplies within arm’s reach

    You never know when inspiration can strike, so keep your child’s school and art supplies organized in a bin, movable trolley, or a shelf close to their desk. This way, they can just grab their materials whenever they get the urge to draw, paint, or write.

    Don’t forget to remind them to put these things back in order once they’re done!

    4. Create a pleasant atmosphere with soft music and appropriate lighting

    One research found that bright lights help kids concentrate better and become more alert. So, open the windows to let natural light in, and get a desk lamp to help illuminate their space when answering workbooks and reading textbooks.

    As for music, you will have to figure out first if your child tends to work better with or without it. If they are, try playing "low arousal, negative music" in the background, which is said to help with memory performance.

    5. Install a cooling system to help keep them comfy (and perform better in class!)

    Just like adults, kids can find it difficult to focus on studying if it is too hot where they are. Not only will the constant sweating make them feel uneasy, but it might also even distract them from their lessons, too. So, a proper cooling system is a must—when kids feel cool and comfy, they will be able to focus better and perform actively in class.

    If your budget permits, you can look into investing in and installing an air-conditioner in their space. Consider the Samsung Window Inverter Aircon, which is the brand’s first window-type air-conditioner offering.

    The Samsung Window Inverter Aircon is equipped with a 3-in-1 anti-bacterial filter that has silver ion, vitamin C, and anti-mite technology that can ensure clean, pure, and filtered air as children play and study at home.

    It is also energy-saving, as it consumes 61% less energy than non-inverter air conditioners, giving moms and dads peace of mind as their online students attend their classes during the day.

    Lastly, the Samsung Window Inverter Aircon is fast-cooling—it cools the room 15% faster than non-inverter air conditioner. This is great for when mom or dad needs to get the child's study area ready early in the morning, or even before their nap time or study break.

    It looks like this current online learning setup will be here for a while, so do take the time to spruce up the kids’ study area. It will be all worth it when you see them enjoying their online classes again and even taking the initiative to study and create art in their own space.

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