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  • In-laws 101: The Basics of Dealing with your Spouse’s Family

    We give you some points on how to build a relationship with your in-laws.
    by Abby Manalang-Villarica .
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    3.    Brace yourself for change
    Marriage is the blending of two families and changes are bound to happen.  Accept these as part and parcel of being in a family.  If this means adjusting to the quirks and different personalities of your in-laws, or being accommodating enough to take their needs and wants into consideration then do so.  

    Being open to change and adjusting to make both your parents and your in-laws happy, within reason, will do wonders!  Especially during holidays and special occasions, find a balance so that both your side and your partner’s side are given enough time and attention.    

    4.    Acceptance is key
    You may not like some of the traits of your in-laws, just like you may not like some of the traits of your own parents.  They are not perfect, just like your own parents and just like you!    The key is accepting these traits and appreciating the positive traits they do possess.  Recognize them to be just human themselves. They are your second parents and they have their own share of faults.  

    If all else fails, realize and keep in mind that they had a lot of influence in molding the traits that you love and appreciate in your partner and start from there.

    5.    Never forget:  Your partner is their child
    The way they see you treat your partner has an effect on how they perceive you and relate to you.  As a parent yourself, it should be easy to relate to this concept.  They are your partner’s parents and it is only natural for the instinct to protect to be evident if they feel that their child has been wronged or hurt.  Treat your partner with the respect and care he or she deserves.



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