How to Keep Your Family's Clothes Smelling Fresh During Rainy Days

Don’t let the wet season make you smell like a wet rag!

While the colder weather is a welcome respite from the intense heat, there are days when you just want to have a bit of sun. Because of the never-ending rains, doing household chores becomes more difficult—and doing the laundry, in particular, becomes a major headache.

Delaying laundry day for when the sun is out just isn’t practical. Your children’s school uniforms and your husband’s office wear need to be washed regularly. What’s more, not being able to dry clothes under direct sunlight causes certain smells to linger on the fabric.

They can come from vehicular smoke during your husband’s commute to work, from sweat during your child’s playtime in school, or even from the food you cook at home. There’s also that dreaded and all-too-common kulob or musty smell.

How to get rid of all these odors? Follow these wash-and-dry tips:

Don’t put damp clothes in the laundry basket.

Braving strong rains and flooded areas can cause flood odor and bacteria from dirty water to stick to your clothing. Damp clothes, especially those that have been exposed to the rain and floods, are at risk of mold contamination. Remind your husband and kids to hang up their wet clothes and let them dry completely before putting them in the laundry basket.

Keep the washing machine clean.

While cleaning the washing machine is part of the usual household chores, this task becomes more important during the rainy season. Don’t forget to keep your washing machine clean and dry after every use to get rid of dirt build-up. Bacteria and mold thrive in dark and damp areas, so regular cleaning is essential to keep clothes from catching dirt inside the machine.

Use a detergent with fabric conditioner.

Use the right amount of detergent by following the instructions printed on the package. Putting more soap in the wash doesn’t mean the clothes will get cleaner. In fact, excess suds can build up and stick to the collars and folds of your clothes. Try Surf Powder with FabCon, which helps clean clothes and prevent dirt from coming back. The fabric conditioner will also help keep your clothes smelling good the whole day.

Don't leave washed clothes in the machine for a long time.

While multitasking is an art that moms have definitely mastered, it also causes you to leave some tasks unattended for a prolonged time period. Do not keep the newly washed clothes inside the machine for hours or, worse, overnight! Remove them as soon as you hear the washing machine beep to signal that your laundry is done.

Squeeze excess water out.

Clothes are easier to dry when you wring out excess water before hanging. Jeans and towels are made out of thick fabric so always make sure to dry them thoroughly to make them lighter and more suitable for hanging.

Dry clothes indoors.

Use a foldable clothes-drying rack or a DIY clothesline. Put it in an open room with windows you can open to allow air to circulate.

Don’t put away clothes until they are completely dry.

The kulob smell develops when you fold and store clothes when they are still damp and not completely dry. If a certain shirt or pair of pants needs to be worn immediately—say, your child's school uniform—iron it in low heat to fast-track the drying process.

Provide ample storage space for your clothes.

Taking care of your family’s clothes doesn’t end with the washing process; what you do with them after is just as important. After ironing the clothes, hang or fold them properly and store them in closets with enough room for them to not get creased.

Keep your family's clothes in tip-top shape during the rainy season by keeping these laundry tips in mind. Get the washing done on time and keep your clothes clean and smelling fresh with the help Surf Powder with FabCon.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Surf.