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  • Kid Power: How you can help your kids take the future into their own hands

    Paint a realistic picture of the world for your kids and empower them to help make the world a better place to live in.
    by Maan Pamaran .
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    Read on to learn more about screening sources and hope for the future.

    Screening sources

    Information today can be easily obtained with a few computer keystrokes or by flicking on the TV. But Pacifico says that for kids, the family is still the best news source. "For one thing, kids aren't really interested in watching the news, and the programs can be so graphic and visual. Kids have good imaginations, so watching the news on TV can even give them bad dreams," she warns.

    Instead, she suggests making mealtime a forum for roundtable discussion. "I don't advise families to have the TV on during dinner. That is the time for sharing information and opinions. Kids may not want to listen to stuff that they cannot understand, but you still have to teach." TV and the Internet can be good sources of information, but you have to supervise them, she adds.   



    Hope for the future

    "You cannot keep talking to your child about the ills of society and then you do not do anything about it," says Pacifico. "If you talk and talk about the basura outside, but then throw candy wrappers outside your car window, then you are definitely not sending the right message," she adds.

    Then, tell the child what concrete steps you are doing now to help ease the situation. "You can say 'that is why we are teaching you to turn off the air-con, so we can save on electricity. What else do you think we can do?'" Pacifico suggests. 

    And last but not the least, Pacifico advises: end your discussions with a hopeful note. "If you don't, it's like telling them, 'you are doomed!'" she warns. "They will start thinking now, 'what will happen if mommy and daddy die?' and they will become scared of the future."


    To be hopeful, she suggests that you strike a balance. "Do not just tell them all the bad news, balance it with some good news as well."

    If the kids today grow up empowered, Pacifico says they will become adults who are able to empathize and are more analytical. They will not just follow and follow what is instructed of them, but are able to look at the bigger picture and see the consequences of their actions. 


    Click here to learn more about empowering your child by stages and about millenium development goals.

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