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  • What to Do With Your Child's Artworks When Throwing Them Away Is Not an Option

    by Kate Borbon .
What to Do With Your Child's Artworks When Throwing Them Away Is Not an Option
  • Artworks and crafts are some of those things children are guaranteed to take home almost every day from school. While it’s always great to see new drawings our kids create in class, it can also be a pain to figure out how to store and organize these pieces at home. To help solve this dilemma (because throwing them away is not an option), here are six things you can try to put your child’s creative works in order.

    Frame your kid’s artworks

    Gather a couple of your child’s best pieces and put them in frames to put on display. You can place them on your shelves or hang them on the walls in high-traffic areas such as your living area or dining area, so house visitors get to appreciate your budding Picasso’s talent. If you only have a few frames or limited space to decorate, you can try regularly changing the artworks in the frames, so as much of your child’s work gets exposure.


    Hang your children’s drawings

    Want to try something different? String a clothesline across a room in your house and hang your child’s artworks on the line using clothespins. The good thing about this organizing technique is the clothesline can quickly be taken down if necessary, and the clothespins won’t damage your child’s works.

    Make scrapbooks

    Scrapbooks are a great way to document your child’s achievements, so if your little one enjoys making art, why not put them all together in a DIY scrapbook? You can label each one with your child’s name and his age or the year the works were done. When he grows up, an art scrapbook can be a fond way to reminisce on the olden days! As alternatives, you can also try putting the artworks in clear books, binders, or folders.

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    Store the artworks in boxes

    If you just don’t have the space to put your child’s artworks on display, you can temporarily store them in boxes, so they’re not left scattered all over your home. Don’t forget to label them accordingly!

    Digitize that art

    Nowadays, everything can be digitized, even kids’ artworks! There are many apps you can download, which will allow you to store digital copies of your child’s works, so you can make digital albums or turn them into compilation videos you can put up online. You may also try simply taking photos of your child’s pieces.


    Repurpose art

    Aside from putting your child’s artworks on display around your home, you can also try using them for other purposes such as greeting cards or even gift wrappers. You can even send them to friends and relatives and attach a handwritten note from your child to show that you care.

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