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  • Busy Moms and Dads Will Love These Clever Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

    Ever thought of using aluminum foil to restore the gleam of your silverware?
    by Kate Borbon .
Busy Moms and Dads Will Love These Clever Kitchen Cleaning Hacks
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  • Busy parents may not always have the time or the energy to stay on top of the household chores. That’s why many seek ways to keep the home looking neat that are not only effective but also quick and easy to do. Check out these hacks how to clean one of the most heavily used areas in the home — the kitchen.

    Scrub-free way to clean your microwave

    Get rid of those gunks and bits of food in your microwave with this cleaning trick. First, pour half a cup of water into a microwave-safe bowl. Slice a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into the bowl, then put the lemon halves in it. Microwave this mixture for about 3 minutes, then let it stand for 5 more minutes, to allow it to loosen the food bits inside the microwave. Open the microwave, take out the bowl, then wipe the insides of the microwave, including the turntable. If any stubborn stains persist, just dip a clean towel in the lemon-and-water mixture and use it to scrub the spots away. Voila!

    Avoid nasty smells in your trash can

    Do you find yourself dreading walking anywhere near your trash can because of the awful smell it has? There’s an easy way for you to avoid that. Get a cotton ball, soak it in your favorite essential oil, then drop it into the container, underneath the trash bag. This might just be the answer you need to fight that pungent smell of garbage in your home.

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    Restore the gleam of your stainless steel sink and appliances

    All you need to polish your stainless steel sink is flour, hot soapy water, a kitchen towel, a rag, and a little elbow grease! First, wash the sink with soapy water, then dry it with a clean kitchen towel. This step is incredibly important because any remaining water in the sink will only end up turning into goo when mixed with flour.

    Once your sink is completely dry, sprinkle flour all over it. Using the paper towel (or a soft cloth), buff the flour into your sink, not forgetting your drain, handles, knobs, and other areas where dirt and grime can build up. Then, your sink will look good as new.

    If your stainless steel appliances are also streaked with dirt and dark marks, just get some white vinegar, soft cloths, and mineral oil (like olive oil). First, put the vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz it all over your appliance. Use the soft cloth to wipe the vinegar, making sure to follow the grain. Once you’re done, dip another soft cloth in the oil, then wipe it on the appliance as well, still following the grain. Then you’ll get an appliance that looks squeaky clean!

    Get back the sparkle of your silverware

    Are your silverware looking a bit dull? Here’s a quick hack from Apartment Therapy. First, prepare a glass dish lined with aluminum foil or an aluminum baking dish, water, baking soda, sea salt, white vinegar, and tongs. Boil about 1 cup of water, then add the dry ingredients (baking soda and sea salt). Proceed to pour the vinegar; remember to do this slowly, as the vinegar will cause a slight chemical reaction. Next, pour the water into the glass dish or the baking dish, then place the it inside, making sure that each piece is touching the foil and that none of them overlap.

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    Let the pieces soak for about 30 seconds, although the soaking time might need to be longer if your silverware is heavily-tarnished. Finally, using the tongs, remove the silver, then buff any remaining spots with a rag. You’ll find your cutlery looking much better!

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    Get burnt residue off of your pans

    If you’re at a loss on how to remove burn marks on your pots and pans, try this simple trick from Good Housekeeping. First, pour some hot water into the pot, along with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Let the soapy water simmer for about 15 minutes (or more, depending on how much-burnt residue your pot or pan has). Use a spatula to loosen and coax the burnt residue off. Later, empty the pot and scrub it clean.

    Use the laundry basket trick

    If you have kids in the house, you probably experience finding random items like toys, shoes, and maybe even clothes in parts of your home where you don’t expect to find them, such as the kitchen. When you have some time, simply walk around your house with a laundry basket and put every piece of clutter you find in it.

    Use chalk to get rid of oil stains

    Here’s a chalk fact you may not know: It can be used as an excellent stain remover, due to its ultra-absorbent quality — making it perfect for when you get any food and oil stains on your clothes. All you need to do is remove any of the excess food or oil on the garment using a paper towel, then cover the entire stain with chalk. Later, rub the stain with stain remover or laundry detergent and wash it in hot water, and the stain will be gone!

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