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  • Make Your Kitchen Look Neat With These Smart Organizing Ideas!

    These hacks might just be the answer to your organizing woes.
    by Kate Borbon .
Make Your Kitchen Look Neat With These Smart Organizing Ideas!
  • The kitchen is one area in the home that is used very often, so sometimes it can end up getting a bit messy. But if you’re in the process of organizing your kitchen or are looking for smart ideas to make it look neat and ordered, here are 10 simple ideas you can try out!

    Drawer organizers

    Avoid unnecessary junk in your kitchen drawers with the help of tray organizers! These can be used to store spoons, forks, knives, and other smaller utensils such as measuring spoons and spatulas.

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    Baskets and bins

    Small storage units can also be used to organize similar items in your kitchen or pantry! You can use one to hold extra kitchen towels and rags, another for canned goods, another for snacks, another for dishwashing sponges and soap, and so on. To make it easier to distinguish among your baskets or bins, you can also attach labels on each one.


    Sliding drawer systems

    For easier and quicker drawer access, why not install sliding drawer mechanisms in your kitchen? Aside from drawers, you can also use racks instead, to keep your kitchen utensils and cookware safe and accessible.


    Take advantages of free wall space by installing hooks on which you can hang basically anything, from potholders and kitchen towels to spatulas and other cookware. If you’re interested in decorating your cooking space, hooks can be used to store hanging plants as well!

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    Open shelves

    Open shelves are another great idea for vertical storage, especially if you want to have as much space as possible on your counters and drawers. Shelves can be a place to keep cups, glasses, pots, pans, condiments, and smaller kitchen equipment. The best part: They’re easily accessible!



    Pegboards are not only being used as a nifty way to store hardware in the garage but also to hold your kitchen essentials. All you need are a few hooks or small baskets, and you’re good to go!

    Canisters and jars

    Want to avoid plastic and big cardboard boxes in your kitchen as much as possible? Try getting a few jars and canisters and use them to hold dry goods, like sugar, salt, cereal, spices, and even snacks. A simple way to reduce waste at home!

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    File organizers

    These office staples are great for organizing different parts of the home, including the kitchen. You can try suspending them on hooks inside your kitchen cabinets or just store them in a shelf.

    Rolling carts

    There’s a reason why rolling carts are such great storage ideas for the kitchen. Aside from offering lots of space to stash your essentials, they can also be transferred anywhere for easier access to anything you might need while at any given moment.


    Kitchen island shelves

    If you have a kitchen island, it might be a good idea to have open shelves, cabinets, or drawers installed under it, so you have space to keep everything from cooking utensils to plates and bowls. You can also have bigger equipment like ovens placed inside!

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