Why You Need a Kontra Kulob Detergent When Doing the Laundry This Rainy Season

Here's how you can control "amoy kulob" even on days when the sun isn’t out.

It can be challenging to do your family’s laundry when it’s rainy outside. Without the sun to help dry your freshly washed clothes, you are often left with garments smelling damp or “amoy kulob.” This musty, damp odor is said to be the result of germs that thrive in warm, moist environments.

Needless to say, moms cannot afford to be careless when washing the clothes their loved ones wear. This is a crucial part of good personal hygiene, which is all the more important these days as it affects a person’s health.

But what do we do when the weather makes laundry more challenging to do? The rainy season is here, and that means most of you have no choice but to dry clothes indoors and pray that they won’t get the dreaded “kulob” smell.

That said, now that Downy has a detergent that specifically addresses this problem, there's no need to worry anymore. Try this two-step Downy Kontra Kulob regimen with your new detergent ally:

Step 1: Wash your clothes with Downy Detergent

Downy came up with the new Downy Detergent to help fight the "kulob" smell in clothes. It helps give garments a sparkling-clean "linis," and also helps protect them from getting that damp, musty smell through the power of sun freshness.

This detergent comes in both powder and liquid forms, so you can choose which suits your laundry-washing process best. This rainy season, the new Downy Detergent Kontra Kulob will be your new laundry ally against "amoy kulob."

Step 2: Use Downy Fabric Conditioner

Partnering your detergent with a suitable fabric conditioner can go a long way in helping keep your freshly laundered garments smelling good. After washing the laundry with the detergent, follow it up with Downy Fabric Conditioner. Not only does it help provide clothes with a perfume freshness; it also helps keep them soft, saving you time and effort when ironing.

Washing your family’s clothes and drying them indoors can be effortless with the help of Downy Detergent Kontra Kulob and Fabric Conditioner. With this "kontra kulob" duo as your laundry partner, you can help make sure your whole family’s clothes are clean and smell fresher for longer even when dried indoors.

Join the rest of the moms who are saying #SanaAllDowny this rainy season by trying the amazing "kontra kulob" duo of Downy Detergent and Downy Expert Fabric Conditioner. Watch this:

Downy Detergent Kontra Kulob and Downy Expert Kontra Kulob Fabric Conditioner are also available in sachets in leading supermarkets. Know more about Downy’s products by looking up Downy Philippines on Lazada.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Downy.

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