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  • 'Di Ka Na Maiinis! 5 Labada Tips To Make The Laundry Easier To Do

    Yes, even celeb moms like Regine Velasquez and Bianca Gonzalez approve!
'Di Ka Na Maiinis! 5 Labada Tips To Make The Laundry Easier To Do
PHOTO BY Isabel Oli-Prats
  • Moms know the life-saving value of staying at home with their families. And they understand how practicing healthy habits and cleanliness at home can help friends, neighbors, and fellow Filipinos remain safe and healthy.

    All of that, however, takes a lot of hard work. Proper hygiene includes changing into clean clothes, and that means doing laundry a lot. How can you manage this chore better?

    Tip 1: Regularly clean your washing machine.

    It seems like common sense, but it’s something not a lot of people regularly do. Cleaning your washing machine helps ensure that germs, mold, and mildew do not spread to your family’s clothes. Try this tip that uses hot water, vinegar, and baking soda to clean your washing machine.

    Tip 2: Take care of ‘contaminated’ garments separately.

    High-risk items — or clothes with vomit, poop, blood, or mucus — should be separated from your ordinary soiled clothes. You won’t want bacteria or germs from these garments to transfer to the rest of your family’s clothing, causing illness.

    You can either scrape off these unwanted things from the clothes or, better yet, wash the items separately altogether using a trusted detergent.

    Tip 3: Use a laundry detergent proven to remove germs.

    Choose a highly effective powder detergent with Oxyclean Power, or active oxygen bleach. This specially designed laundry product has antibacterial or antiviral action.

    For washing machine users, try using a laundry detergent such as Ariel Machine Expert. It helps clean, brighten, and whiten clothes and other household linens without the need for extra scrubbing.

    Celebrity moms like Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, Isabel Oli-Prats, and K Brosas even swear that Ariel Machine Expert cleans like handwash.

    Tip 4: Sort clothes not just according to color, but also by fabric.

    Color shouldn’t be the only factor when sorting laundry. The kind of textile or fabric may be just as important. Items made of a heavier material like denim jeans and towels wash and dry longer than lightweight clothes like cotton shirts.

    Also, keep in mind that some fabrics do not wash well with others and could lead to ruining the garments. Washing your delicate, knitted sweater together with your husband’s maong, for example, is a no-no.

    Tip 5: Take advantage of the sun!

    Most washing machines have their own tumble dryers — but not all have a high-heat setting. In place of this, let your freshly laundered clothes completely dry under the sun. It wouldn't be advisable to wear damp clothing as it may be a breeding ground for germs.

    Armed with these tips, you'll feel more at ease as you and your family #StayCleanStayHome.

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