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  • Listen Dads! This Is How You Can Help Moms Take Care Of Themselves Better

    Make every day feel like Mother's Day.
Listen Dads! This Is How You Can Help Moms Take Care Of Themselves Better
  • We can all agree that the moms in our lives work hard all the time. From taking care of the family to managing the house on top of keeping a full-time job, many moms often prioritize their many responsibilities, leaving them with little time to take care of themselves.

    So listen up, dads! Here’s what you can do to help your wife get her much-needed me-time. In case you haven’t done any of these yet, make it a priority on Mother’s Day and remind mom what a special woman she is!  

    Learn a recipe online and prepare a special meal.

    Treating moms on her special day — or any other day — doesn’t require much. She will definitely appreciate your taking the time to learn how to cook a dish and preparing it for her.

    There are many cooking tutorials and recipes you can follow online, so feel free to pick a dish (or three) based on what you know your wife likes and your cooking skills, of course! You can even ask the kids to help you prep, so it becomes an instant family activity. You can try your luck with these easy pasta recipes from YouTube.

    Join her in her fitness goals.

    Exercise isn’t up there in the list of activities most of us look forward to but making it more fun is easy as long as you do it with a partner. That said, moms who wish to add exercise to their daily routine will be grateful for your initiative to join her. 

    Sign up for an online fitness class together or watch a quick routine on YouTube that both of you can follow at home. 

    Set up a casual movie night. 

    You don’t need a lot of cash to set up a romantic date night. All you need is a bowl of your favorite finger food, maybe a bit of wine, and the comfiest seats in front of your TV for a fun movie night. 

    Bond over a K-drama like A World of Married Couple on Viu or a romcom like Always Be My Maybe on iFlix, or go for a light comedy or animated movie if you want to turn it into an instant family night with the kids. There are also plenty of options on Netflix

    Take online massage classes and surprise her with your skills.

    After a long day of work and household chores, nothing relaxes quite like a good rubdown. To make the session a great experience for her, sign up for massage lessons online on Skillshare and treat her to a pro-level massage that will relieve her tense muscles.

    Give her space and time to bond with her friends, too.

    For all the times she’s given you permission to stay out late and hang out with your friends, show her how much she means to you by giving her the same allowance. After all, moms need to live fulfilling social lives, too. 

    Since going out with her own family members or barkada is impossible right now, let her get her dose of chikahan online through a fun Zoom or Google Meet video call. For this idea, all you’ll have to do is watch over the kids on your own.

    There are plenty of ways to make your wife feel special, even as the whole family stays indoors for this Mother’s Day. Whether it’s joining a fitness class or setting up a movie date night, it’s easy to get more ideas when you can easily access the internet with a reliable connection, like Globe At Home.

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