Look! These Celeb Families Are Transforming Their Homes For Work And Play

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Celebrities are no exception: Just like any other family, they’ve spent the better part of the year accomplishing virtually everything from home, from work commitments to their responsibilities as a parent. Of course, doing so likely requires having to transform their homes into a space that’s conducive to both work and play, which is not exactly a piece of cake.

Now we wonder: How do celeb families make it look so easy? Let’s take our cue from Globe At Home ambassadors Drew and Iya Arellano and Richard and Ashley Yap, all of whom did a good job of turning their humble abodes into a multipurpose space that they can simultaneously use to relax and be productive. Keep reading!

How Drew and Iya turned the Casa Arellano living room into a multipurpose space

Prior to the quarantine, Drew and Iya loved taking advantage of the great outdoors to educate their two little ones about the wonders of the world. “Now that it’s not an option, we had to create a safe and fun environment indoors,” Iya points out. “We’ve decided to bring the world right here at home.”

Drew adds: “What we’re trying to do is recreate the learning world right in our living room slash play area slash entertainment room. What’s good about this area is that it’s pretty much in front of the window, so we have a lot of natural light, which allows them to still see the outdoors and not feel boxed in.”

Since they spend so much time in a space with several purposes, the couple makes it a point to always involve their kids in the decluttering process. They set up an activity table every morning to recreate a learning area for the boys, and, with the help of a few devices, rearrange the space again at night to turn it into an entertainment area, where they watch movies as a family.

The Arellanos’ gadget of choice? The TP-Link Deco Wi-Fi Mesh, which helps widen Wi-Fi coverage at home so they can easily connect from anywhere in the house. New Globe At Home Unli Plan 2899 subscribers can get two of these units for free—along with a landline and a modem—anytime between today and November 30, so if you’re keen on following Drew and Iya’s footsteps, now would be a good time!

Want to see the results of Drew and Iya's living room makeover? Watch this!

How Richard and Ashley Yap transformed their entertainment area into a mini office

When the quarantine started, Richard and Ashley saw themselves having to make adjustments to turn their home into a space that’s conducive to working.

After days of planning, they were able to rearrange the place and recreate a professional office setup using furniture and decorations they already have at home. First, they took out the coffee table and replaced it with an office table, then followed it up by adding a matching office chair.

Aside from these quick fixes, the father-daughter duo made sure to install what is, for them, the most essential aspect of a home office: a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection. To widen the home Wi-Fi coverage and boost the connection in Richard’s mini office and inside Ashley’s room, they added two TP-Link Wi-Fi Mesh units, which came with their Globe At Home Unli Plan 2899.

“That’s very important because we need a strong Wi-Fi connection, especially since we’re always online,” Richard points out. “Now, it’s so much easier to go on the web and do all the stuff that we had to do because of our Internet speed.”

Curious to see the outcome of Richard and Ashley's renovation project? Watch this!

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