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  • Love Thy Brother, Love Thy Sister

    Transform sibling rivalry into sibling revelry!
    by Maan Pamaran .
  • She says that there is also a way to prevent the battle of the sibs in the first place. Here are some of her tips:

    •    Avoid getting into situations that would lead children to being rivals. For example, set a specific date day for each child.

    •    From time to time, let the younger one do things for the older one, so that the older one does not always have the feeling of being the caretaker.

    •    Let the children reach a compromise with whatever it is they are fighting over, such as a toy- let one play with it for 10 minutes, then hand it over to the other kid, and so on.  Discuss these feelings of rivalry with them, especially with older children.  

    Normally, Teacher Krissie says, the skirmishes should come to an amicable end eventually, unless these feelings were not addressed by the parents -- or the parents themselves fuel this rivalry.     



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    Photography by Jun Pinzon

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