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  • Make Your Kitchen Safe the Whole Year: 5 Easy Tips

    Keep your kitchen as safe and as kid-proof as possible with these five easy tips.
  • Having a safe kitchen is easy with these handy tips:

    1. Keep cutting tools away from prying hands.
    Prep time for most dishes include chopping, mincing, dicing and slicing ingredients, and for these, you’ll need sharp cutting implements like knives, scissors, or graters. Keep them securely out of kids’ reach with childproof locks.

    2. Buy a fire extinguisher.
    When you’re using a gas range to cook, you never know when a fire might break. Keep one ready to keep small fires at bay. For larger fires, evacuate and call your fire department.

    3. Get a modern LPG cylinder.
    Did you know? One third of the causes of fire in the Philippines are actually LPG-related. Compressed LPG expands when in contact with flames and can cause explosions.

    With kids around, you might want to invest in a safer alternative, such as the EC Gas LPG Cylinder. It’s made of durable fiberglass and resin, and because its tank is semi-transparent, you get to see how much more gas you still have. Its tank is also half as light as traditional tanks, making it easier to carry and transport. It’s also equipped with a snap-on feature, a valve switch, and a flow limiter to easily control and stop gas from leaking, should the hose rupture.

    4. Always unplug unused appliances.
    Curious toddlers will want to know what the holes in electrical sockets are for, and you don’t want them even attempting to confirm whatever notions they may have. Keep kitchen appliances away from their reach and always unplug them when not in use.

    5. Buy products with child-proof caps.
    A lot of chemicals and toxic substances are present in your kitchen in the form of cleaners and detergents. Scrutinize these before buying and always opt for those with caps that your children will never be able to open, should they escape your watchful eye.

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