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  • How These Millennial Moms Are Doing Zero Waste Without Giving Up Convenience

    They share some of the changes they made in their family's lifestyle.
How These Millennial Moms Are Doing Zero Waste Without Giving Up Convenience
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  • Taking care of our family is as important as caring for the planet. And that means a clean and safe environment is essential for healthy living, especially during a pandemic.

    Some moms from the Smart Parenting Network have already begun efforts to work on a zero-waste lifestyle. The best part is they didn't have to compromise convenience in doing so.

    Luisa Beltran-Pua, the 34-year old mompreneur behind the Conscious Collective Manila, The Conscious Mama, and My Dear Baby, says her daughter is one of her top motivations.

    "I had great childhood memories and experiences outdoors that I wish my daughter can experience as well. This is definitely one of my inspirations to become more mindful of the products I use. Taking care of the environment starts with ourselves," she tells Smart Parenting.

    On the other hand, Din Real-Bautista, a 34-year old blogger and mom shares that she's still in the works of getting used to living sustainably.

    "I realized that if I want my child to have a better world to live in, I should start changing my ways and perspective. That's when I tried to shift to a more zero-waste lifestyle. I say try because I honestly am still a work in progress," she explains.

    A zero-waste lifestyle is a big commitment, but it's no hardship when you start small. If you're a parent who wants to get started in living greener, Luisa and Din recommend you do the following:

    Use eco-bags in grocery shopping

    Besides reducing plastic use, bringing your own shopping bag helps prevent the spread of bacteria and germs because you can wash and sanitize it after every use. Plus, it's more convenient to put all the items in one spacious tote than to carry a handful of paper bags!

    "For starters, bringing an eco-bag anytime, anywhere, has helped us minimize the use of plastics or unnecessary packaging. We always have one in our bags whenever we step out of the house," Din says.

    Luisa agrees. "I always bring my 4XL tote bag with me whenever I go to the mall. If I have to visit and buy from multiple shops, I skip their individual paper bags and just have them shoot everything in my tote bag."

    Opt for product refills

    Sanitizing every product you buy from stores can be a tedious task. A safer and more convenient way is to visit refilling stations and bring your own containers! Even better: it's way cheaper than buying items in packs.

    "We don't just throw bottles of shampoo/conditioner as we opt for refills. Simple things like that can make an impact if done collectively. Plus, developing that habit not just saves the environment but also makes life more manageable," Din explains.

    Get creative with paper packaging

    "One of the perks of recycling and upcycling items at home is that it's practical. You can save money in doing so. It can also be an activity for you and your little ones to encourage them to be creative," Luisa says.

    "We once turned the boxes at home into my daughter's playhouse. The carton rolls in tissue papers can be used as busy walls and busy boards, too. And for this Christmas season, we have Lana's (her daughter's) painting activities on craft papers, which we can use as gift wrappers," she adds.

    Repurpose plastic or metal containers

    Moms and "plantitas" alike would love this sustainable idea. Instead of splurging on fancy plant pots, you can make your own and embellish it with other recyclables.

    Luisa shares: "Reusing bottles or tin containers can do wonders! I have catch-alls in all corners of the house, from tin-can lids and containers. Some were re-painted to look nice in the living room. And the pots in the propagation corner of my plants are cutouts from water gallon containers."

    Overall, these practices help parents create a more sustainable and safer environment for the family — as echoed in the #SafeWithMoony campaign.

    Launched by the Japanese diaper brand moony, this campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of opting for a sustainable choice such as baby diapers made of organic and gentle materials.

    Through the products moony makes, such as Natural moony diapers, the brand hopes to help millennial parents raise their babies in an eco-friendlier way.

    Apart from providing comfort and TLC to the little ones, moms need to make them feel safe and secure now more than ever, particularly in these challenging times. As parents, you can do this by being mindful of your family's lifestyle and the products you choose.

    By doing so, you don't just reduce the amount of waste being produced but also contribute to your little one's safety and the earth's future. After all, choosing an eco-friendly product takes us a step closer to a better, greener world.

    Learn more about the #SafeWithMoony campaign and Natural moony diapers by following moony Philippines’ Facebook page. Get Natural moony diapers or check out moony’s products by visiting the brand’s Lazada page: https://bit.ly/36fJmEI

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