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Mom Shows How to Make Chemical-Free Baby Wipes!
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  • We love practical and doable parenting hacks, which is why this one on homemade baby wipes got us excited! And the mom we need to thank is Joy Retima of Australia. 

    Joy came up with her own recipe for wipes because she was concerned about chemicals. Upon disovering the best DIY method, she said, “a heap of people ask me to show them how to make them.” So, she decided to upload a how-to video on Facebook (with over two million views) for parents everywhere.

    Her recipe uses a handful ingredients you can already find in your own home. It only takes her less than five minutes to DIY two containers of baby wipes: 

    You’ll need: 
    1 roll of good quality paper towel/kitchen towel (cut in half)
    2 containers with lids
    Coconut oil
    Natural body wash
    Boiling water

    How mom Joy makes them: 
    1. Take a knife and cut your paper towel in half to make two smaller paper towel rolls. Place your rolls in separate containers. 
    Based on comments from other moms, dull knives will shred the paper, and make a huge mess to clean up. Even with a sharp knife though, this step can be a little difficult so be extra careful.  

    2. In a bowl (Joy uses a beaker), mix together a heaping spoon of coconut oil, a few squirts of body wash, and a cup of boiling water.
    We think baby wash and soap-free cleansers will work great, too. 

    3. Pour the mixture all over one roll to soak it. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for your other roll. 

    4. Remove the roll’s cardboard center, pull the sheets from the middle, and voila! You’ve got baby wipes! 
    Note: Cover with the lid when not in use to avoid drying. 

    Joy says her wipes last her two weeks, “They last fine for that time period. They don't go mouldy or fall apart.” If you want your wipes to last a little longer, Joy recommends a couple drops of tea tree oil to act as a preservative. Using distilled water will prevent molds, too.

    Not bad, right? It Lasts longer than a packet of store-bought ones, gentler on baby's skin and cheaper, too. A bottle of coconut oil will last a long time, so does a container of body wash if all you need is a tablespoon and a few squirts every time you need to make a fresh batch. 

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    Like Joy’s homemade baby wipes? She also has other DIY tips over on her Facebook page Mama Joy at Home. Here are a few you might like as well: 

    Hair Detangling Spray

    You'll need:
    3 pumps of conditioner
    4 pumps of argan oil
    Spray bottle

    1. Pour the conditioner and argain oil into the bottle.
    2. Fill 3/4 of the container with hot (not boiling) water.
    3. Shake and spray! 

    Makeup Remover Wipes

    You'll need:

    Makeup pads
    Small container
    1 tablespoon coconut oil
    1 tablespoon witch hazel water
    1 tablespoon facial cleanser
    1/2 cup of boiling water

    1. Mix coconut oil, witch hazel water, facial cleanser and boiling water in a container.
    2. Place pads in a container and pour mixture all over. 
    3. Pull and wipe!

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