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  • Mom we Love: Joyce Makitalo

    Renowned jewelry designer talks about how she developed her talent.
  • Joyce MakitaloWhat started as a hobby when she was younger turned out to be a craft that would make her a respected name in the industry. Joyce Makitalo, jewelry designer and homeschooling mom to 3 kids, tells us how to hone that gift in children:

    1. As a youngster, how did your talent in design manifest?
    I was always asked to draw for my classmates when there were projects that require illustration. I doodled a lot during class, and some of my friends would buy an illustration board for me to doodle on, which they kept afterwards. I think my doodling paid off!

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    2. When is it appropriate for kids to wear jewelry?
    I would recommend only crafty jewelry until age twelve. I remember losing a few pairs of gold earrings as a kid, and it made me feel awful.

    3. What materials should jewelry for kids be made of?
    Wood. For metal, white gold-plated sterling silver is nice.

    4. Have you ever had clients who order your wares for their kids?
    Not yet, although I've made a cuff for my daughter. But she has no patience for metal jewelry; she prefers friendship bands and vial pendants with tiny notes inside them!


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    Browse through the gallery to see photos of Joyce and her kids, and get a copy of Smart Parenting’s June issue to read about homeschooling and nurturing children's talents.


    Photos by Shaira Luna

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