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  • Mom we Love: Nicole Jacinto

    The busy PR managing director shares her fave products and go-to sources for inspiration and relaxation.
  • Nicole Jacinto

    Nicole Jacinto
    Managing director of Bridges PR, mom to Sofia, 6


    The best clothing stores for me are...

     H&M, Zara, and I like the designs of Rosanna Ocampo.


    The kind of music I listen to is...

     No particular genre, but I love Katy Perry. Right now, Delta Goodman's "Sitting on Top of the World" is on loop in my music player.



    The best compliment I've received is...

     That Sofia is a sweet girl, and that I'm doing a good job raising her.


    My signature dish is...

    I don't cook as much as I used to, but when I need to cook something fast, I whip up a sardine puttanesca pasta, or a chicken paprika dish which I got from my dad. It's really simple. I use chicken thighs, then I add Kikkoman, onion powder, salt and pepper, paprika, olive oil, then you just put it in the oven and that's it. That's Sofia's favorite.


    My shortcut to feeling beautiful is...

    I don't really wear makeup, but when I need to be more presentable, I put on very light foundation, blush, mascara and a little lipstick.


    My instant mood booster is...

    I light a candle. I love scented candles. That's one of the things i splurge on. I use it to de-stress or when i need to be creative. I particularly love Stella McCartney's candles. Adora has a lot of nice candles, too.



    My favorite place for inspiration is...

    On my couch, by the window in my bedroom. It's my sanctuary. 


    My most recent purchase is...

    An outfit for Sofia from Mothercare.


    When I want to indulge, I...

    Get a massage at home.


    The best advice I've received is...

    Be good to those around you. It's so basic, but it works. Sometimes we forget to say a simple thank you. Asking someone how she is makes a difference. If you keep that at the back of your mind everytime, it sort of guides you through everything you do. 


    I know I'm turning into my mother when...

    When i hear myself say, "Sofia, finish your food." My mom does not like wastage, so that's exactly what she would say.


    You're a Filipino parent if you...

    If you're always particular about hygiene. We always have hand sanitizers in our bag


    Photos by Vincent Coscolluela

    Hair and makeup by Don De Jesus for MAC Cosmetics

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