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  • Mommy Hack of the Week: Sort Kids' Clothes Easily

    The solution is so simple, we're wondering why we didn't think of it before!
  • dot method

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    How often do you get your kids' clothes mixed up? For many households with multiple kids, it's quite common.

    When you have more than one child whose ages are close together, they probably have clothes with nearly the same sizes also. When it comes to sorting out the laundry and putting the clothes in each child's wardrobe, this may present a problem, especially if your kids are the same gender - or, if you have twins.

    One mom found an easy solution to this. With a permanent marker, she dots her children's clothes tags to identify whose is which -- the eldest gets 1 dot, the second child gets two dots, and so on. This way, there's no confusing one piece of shirt (or pants) with the other! 


    Did you find this helpful? Tell us your own solutions for sorting your laundry by leaving a comment below!

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