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  • This Mother's Day ‘Video-Logue’ Is Making Moms and Big Kids Cry

    'It's Time' to #VoteForMom this May 12!
This Mother's Day ‘Video-Logue’ Is Making Moms and Big Kids Cry
  • To commemorate Mother’s Day, many heartwarming videos honoring moms are being released on social media. One short film, in particular, has been making netizens of all ages talk about a sensitive topic among moms with grown-up kids: letting go.

    Released on May 1, "It's Time" is a beautiful video about a mother speaking her mind about how she really feels now it seems like she’s no longer needed by her son.

    "It's Time" is SM Supermalls' latest addition to the #SMoments video series. Created in partnership with Tribal DDB and directed by Ian Abaya of Rogue Monkey, the video has already garnered 2 million views, 25,000 reactions, and more than 8,000 shares on Facebook alone.

    What made this "video-logue" a hit among Filipino families? Here are three reasons it feels so close to our hearts:

    1. The mom in the video is basically everyone’s mom.

    From her haircut and mall #OOTD to her actions, the mom was so authentically Pinoy that mothers and kids alike were able to easily identify with her. Just look at how carefully she organizes her kid's room and how she acts strict yet very loving.

    "I can relate to this story. I even cried because I remember my mother while watching it,” netizen Nenette Masecampo shared. “And now that my own son will soon be having his own family, this ad speaks so much of my sentiments."

    THAT’S MY MOM! From her haircut and mall #OOTD to her actions, the mom was so authentically Pinoy that mothers and kids alike were able to easily identify with her

    2. It’s an eye-opener to sons and daughters.

    Through the heartwarming monologue of the mom in the video, grown-up children realize how time flies so fast. It also shows how mothers have always loved their kids unconditionally–from the time they were young until now that they’re older and more independent. Most of all, it made kids understand what moms really feel about being out of their children’s lives.

    "Through this video, I realized that more than the expensive gifts, our time spent with our moms is more valuable especially this Mother's Day," viewer Sheila Prado said online. "I will be forever grateful for all the sacrifices and care of our Nanay. No matter where I go, she will always have a hold on my heart. I love you, Mom!"

    Even social media “hugot genius,” EM Martin of Design Pirate PH encouraged his followers to share their own touching moments with their moms.

    3. It made moms feel it’s time to let go, open up their hearts, and create new family moments with their kids' kids.

    Super mom Grace Angeles commented online: "It is hard to let go of your child, but no matter how far they may be, they will keep coming back home to their mom. In my experience, when my son went back home, he brought his family with him. So now I am enjoying my life as an abuela and looking forward to more malling moments with my grandson at SM."

    The overflowing positive reaction highlights SM Supermalls' intention to honor the selfless love of Pinoy moms all over the world through the video.

    "Mother's Day has always been a special season to us, because it's the best time to pay tribute to our loyal SuperMom shoppers who have been celebrating their memorable family moments at SM over the years," said Jonjon L. San Agustin, SM Supermalls’ senior vice-president for marketing.

    "Through our video, we hope kids will get to appreciate their moms even more, reminisce about their fun childhood, and even be excited on coming up with a surprise as their families celebrate Mom's Day this May 12," San Agustin continued.

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    On May 12, remember to #VoteForMom and celebrate Mom's Day at SM Supermalls nationwide by doing everything you enjoy at your family's ultimate happy place!

    Happy Mother's Day!

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