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  • New Reality Show Explores Reversal of Roles in the Home

    Can dads run a household?
  • Moms' Time Out

    Traditional family dynamics dictate that the mothers run the household while the fathers earn a living. While a day job (or night job in some cases) is tiring, being on top of a household is a 24/7 thing, causing mothers to become more exhausted as they take care of their husbands, kids, and everything else in between.

    So what happens when the roles are reversed? Can fathers successfully take on becoming “mothers” when their wives are given a well-deserved time off? Will Dad step up or give up? This is the exciting premise of the new role-reversal family reality show Mom’s Time Out, which premiered on Lifetime™ last August 28 at 9pm. It airs the same time every Thursday night.

    Lifetime™ ‘s first Asian production, Mom’s Time Out follows three fathers from Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines as they face the task of being household heads while their frazzled wives are whisked off to an all-expenses paid holiday. Looking after kids and a home prove to be a handful and chaos ensues as the dads take on interesting and challenging tasks in their new roles as “moms.”

    Watch how a Filipino family gamely rises to the challenge through the Baileys, composed of Kenneth, his wife Emerald, and their two-year-old daughter Briah. Kenneth has been working the night shift at a call center since Briah was born, leaving Emerald to care for their daughter and home. With Emerald away on vacation, it will be Kenneth’s first time to fully immerse himself in household duties and look after his daughter. As a self-confessed good cop, will Kenneth be able to handle his precocious daughter? Will he survive being the head of the home?

    Kenneth joins two other dads in this task-driven show where each episode thrusts the dad into a challenge as they attempt to keep their households and children under control. With so much on their plate, it’s no wonder the show gives them one chance for a “lifeline call” to their wives, just in case things get a little too crazy.

    Catch this fun and interesting reality series and see if the dads make it out alive in this nerve-wracking and amusing family experiment. You can also be part of the show’s weekly Parenting Debate. Users just need to download ScanAd on their Apple or Android devices and  activate the app while the show is on and you can access the  debate immediately.

    LIFETIME™ is available on SKYCable Ch 65, Destiny Cable Ch 44 (Analogue) Ch 65 (Digital), Cablelink Ch 223 and other select provincial channels.

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