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  • October is World Babywearing Awareness Month

    Read on for more of babywearing, which is now becoming a “hot” trend among Filipino families.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
  • The Benefits of Babywearing
    It has been proven that babies who are worn cry less, are able to learn more, experience less colic, and are easier sleepers.

    In fact, studies done by American paediatricians John Kennel, Marshall and Phyllis Klaus, who wrote the book Bonding: Building The Foundations Of Secure Attachment And Independence, show that “even three hours per day of babywearing reduces infant crying significantly, and at 13 months, babies who have been in soft carriers regularly are significantly more likely to be securely attached than babies who are carried in hard carriers.”

    So why NOT try babywearing? Just like me (and my husband — YES, babywearing is for dads too!), you’ll personally discover how convenient and advantageous it is, not just for Baby, but for the whole family.

    The Different Ways to Wear Your Baby
    There are many ways to wear your baby. Here are the more favored choices:

    1. Ring Slings
    A ring sling is made up of a long piece of fabric with two rings (the material of which is usually either nylon or metal) firmly sewn on one end. The other end of the fabric, known as the “tail,” is threaded through the rings, making the inner fabric like a “pouch” for Baby. The tail is adjusted to change the size of the pouch, depending on the size of the wearer and the baby.

    I was not able to wear our first child much, but with our second, she was in the ring sling one month after she was born. Personally, I like the adjustability of the ring sling, which means it can fit wearers of different sizes, like my husband, who is a bit beefy in size. Also, the tail doubled nicely as a nursing cover when I needed to breastfeed our baby-now-turned-three-year-old. (We have just recently weaned her as I am currently pregnant with our third child.)

    2. Baby Pouch Slings
    Baby pouch slings, also known as baby pouches or tube slings, are made up of a simple length of fabric shaped like a tube, which is folded in such a way as to form a pocket or pouch for the baby’s bottom.
    The advantage of baby pouches is that they are the simplest to use — because they have no rings or buckles, you just slip Baby in and off you go. I was able to purchase one baby pouch locally last year, and it was much easier to use with our then-two-year-old.

    3. Baby Wrap Carriers
    These kind of carriers consist of long narrow pieces of fabric that are used by wrapping the entire piece of fabric around the baby’s and the babywearer’s bodies, securing the baby by tying up the ends without any special fasteners like rings, buckles or snaps.

    The fabric can be wrapped around the wearer’s body in many different ways and used in many different positions. What is good about the wrap is, it can fit all sizes of Baby and wearer alike. Some people have even used the Baby Wrap Carrier to carry baby twins at the same time, using only one Wrap.

    There are numerous other types of carriers available out there, and although most can be quite pricey, they are good investments in the long run. Locally, the more well-known babywearing brands available are Next9, SaYa, Indigo Baby, Bailey Wrap, Tickled Moms and Eden’s Ruxpin. All of these brands are proudly mompreneur-owned.

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