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Instant Makeover! 8 Plants That Can Survive in the Bathroom
  • Nowadays, we’re not just limited to sprucing up the home with colorful décor and wall accents. Given the rise in popularity of succulents and indoor plants, more homeowners including celebrities are looking into decorating every area of the home with potted green wonders — and it includes the bathroom!

    However, we can’t just put any plant in the T&B. Aside from considering the size of the space, we also need to make sure our chosen plants can thrive. According to The Spruce, “even though there will be plenty of warm, humid air when someone is showering, it can get much colder when the room is left empty for hours, especially at night. These wide temperature fluctuations are not ideal for many plants.”

    When choosing a plant for the bathroom, you need to consider lighting, temperature, and humidity. While fluorescent light bulbs can help you given your plant the light it needs, The Spruce recommends that you look into the “amount of light and warmth” in your bathroom before shopping for plants.

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    Here are 8 plants you can add in the bathroom

    Plants like Aloe vera, orchids, Chinese Evergreen, Gardenia, and Ferns are known to thrive in “average bathroom conditions” and survive even with minimal care. Place them in a empty corner and turn your bathroom into a spa-like space.

    Boston Fern


    Known for its enchanting leaves and fronts, the Boston Fern can be placed in a hanging planter to liven up the ceiling or in a woven planter you can put on top of the water closet. To make sure your plant will thrive, Natural Living Ideas suggests placing it on a windowsill or in a corner that receives indirect light. Always keep the soil moist, but avoid overwatering.

    Aloe vera

    A famous succulent, it’s handy to keep a pot of aloe vera in the bathroom. It doesn't just beautify the space but it also aids in treating minor burns and cuts, thanks to the juice from its leaves. Remember to place it in a spot that receives indirect spotlight as keeping it under the sun can burn the leaves.

    Chinese Evergreen

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    This low-maintenance plant has distinct leaves that have white or yellow streaks. Natural Living Ideas says it’s a durable green wonder that thrive in spaces with medium to low light. The best part? If there are days when you forget to water it, it will still survive!

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    A lovely orchid on top of the counter can turn an ordinary T&B into a hotel-like space. To keep it healthy, you can also place it on the windowsill where it can get the indirect sunlight it needs.



    According to The Spruce, pothos is an “almost indestructible” plant that grows long vines. Give your pot of pothos the TLC it needs by watering it when the soil is dry and keeping it in an area with indirect light.

    Snake Plant

    A crowd favorite, the Snake Plant can survive with minimal care (they say you can even forget about having one!) as it thrives in low light and would need watering when the soil is dry. It’s also known to get rid of toxins in the air like formaldehyde and xylene.

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    An air-purifying green wonder, Dracaena is perfect for the bathroom as it’s known to thrive in low light and humid areas. Avoid placing it under direct sunlight to maintain its captivating green color.


    Also known as Dumb cane plant, Dieffenbachia survives with minimal care and low light – just remember to water the plant when the soil feels dry. Rotate the side facing the light to make sure “it grows evenly on all sides.”

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