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  • Feeling Sad and Anxious? Maybe You Need a Potted Plant or a Vase of Flowers at Home!

    A study found that green wonders and fresh blooms have a positive impact on one's well-being
    by Cielo Anne Calzado .
Feeling Sad and Anxious? Maybe You Need a Potted Plant or a Vase of Flowers at Home!
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  • We’re all familiar with the many of benefits of having plants and flowers at home. Not only do these wonders brighten up a dull living area, but some houseplants and blooms can also purify the air, too! As if they aren’t essential enough, did you know that plants and flowers can help improve one’s physical and mental health?

    The American Society for Horticulture Science (ASHS) organized a study that involved patients who were recovering from an appendectomy. During their recovery period, some of the patients received flowers and plants while some did not. The results of the study proved how much blooms and plants can contribute to one’s well-being.

    As published in the Journals of the ASHS, patients from the plant group “were less frequently given weak and moderate analgesics,” and they had “lower levels of anxiety and tension.” Results also show that the plant group experienced less pain and fatigue.

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    While the research focused on how plants and flowers can serve as “an effective complementary medicine for patients recovering from abdominal surgery,” we cannot dismiss the fact that a pot or two at home can instantly transform the space and have an impact on our health as well.

    How plants and flowers affect our well-being

    When we feel stressed, going for a walk and spending a few minutes outdoors surrounded by greenery can help ease the tension in our nerves. The sight of plants, towering trees, and vibrant flowers can help take our minds off things, allowing us to recharge our batteries. With rains becoming more frequent, it can be challenging to step outside to take a break and even take the kids out for a trip to the park.

    Fortunately, you can remedy the situation with indoor plants and vases filled with fresh flowers! An article on Better says “studies have also proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels and boost your mood — making them perfect for not just your home but your workspace, too.”

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    On HuffPost, contributor Maureen K. Calamia highlights the importance of reconnecting with the natural world. “Research has shown that contact with nature enhances healing, improves healthy childhood maturation, development, and cognitive functioning. People living near open spaces report fewer health and social problems, regardless of the urban/rural location, income or education,” she shares.

    Since many of us live in the city and open spaces are few, displaying potted plants and flowers around the house is an easy way of bringing nature indoors. Doing this will not only improve the home’s ambiance, but it’s also a step closer to a better and healthier you. If you’re looking for plants to work with, start with Pothos, Snake Plant, Boston fern, English Ivy, and other air purifying wonders.

    Source: Apartment Therapy

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