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  • Pre-Chewing Your Baby’s Food: Is it such a Bad Thing?

    Parents and medical experts react to Alicia Silverstone’s video pre-chewing her son’s food.
  • Mother knows best, as the adage goes. But a home video that actress Alicia Silverstone posted on her blog The Kind Life has sparked debate among moms around the world. In the video, Alicia feeds her son Bear by first chewing the food, before transferring it to his mouth directly from her own mouth. You could compare it to how birds feed their hatchlings with worms from their mouth.

    Because of the rather unusual nature of the feeding, the general sentiment of moms is that of disgust – the mouth-to-mouth feeding method appears as if the mother and child were French kissing. Silverstone describes, "He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I'm eating."

    Watch the video here:

    The traditional practice of pre-chewing adult food for infants is called pre-mastication. With pre-mastication, babies are exposed to their mother’s saliva, which helps strengthen their immune system through the traces of disease pathogens present.



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