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  • A Preggo's Checklist to Know if Yaya Will Do a Good Job With Baby

    Plus, how can you check if she will do a good job at caring for your precious little one.
    by Rachel Perez .
A Preggo's Checklist to Know if Yaya Will Do a Good Job With Baby
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  • At The Smart Moms Birth & Baby Workshop, My Dearest Nanny trainer and owner Menchit Ordoveza asked the expectant moms present on who were planning to hire a yaya -- almost all raised their hands. Which brought about this question: what does a preggo need to know about hiring a good nanny?

    Ordoveza says start by knowing your priorities. "What type of nanny are you going to get based on your need --a full-time nanny, a nanny who's a college graduate?"

    List down the qualifications you want your child's nanny to have so it's easy for you filter out applications. Group your qualification requirements in two: negotiables and non-negotiables. But no matter long your list of qualifications are, there are five key qualities you should look for in a nanny:

    1. Hire a yaya when you're pregnant to see if she's trustworthy. 
    Trust is earned so hire one already before childbirth. "It's good to already look for a nanny now, when you're still pregnant," Ordoveza suggests. "You want to get to know her and see how she works around house," she explained. If you're not able to hire one as early as now, prioritize referrals from someone you trust or a helper that's been working for your family for a long time.

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    2. Check if she is teachable.
    Another reason to hire early is gauge how good is she at learning new things. As Ordoveza points out, the skills of taking care of a child can be taught by you or an expert when you enroll them in a seminar. This is crucial even if you hire an experienced nanny because what the services she rendered for the previous family she worked for could be different from the services you require of her. She should be able to adapt to your preferences when it comes to caring for your child. You should take the lead, and she should be able to support you in your choices.


    3. Test her patience 
    We all know why. With all tasking duties of caring for the baby, the things she'd need to learn or adjust to, plus living with a new family, a great deal of patience is needed. You need to patient to learn and continue learning as the child grows, and being patient is also crucial in dealing with a new family and communicating effectively.

    4. See how well she communicates.  
    A nanny should be able to talk to you about the everyday things that happens to your child when you're not around. "How can you know what's happening with your baby or how can you be clear about your expectations if they are the type who keeps things to themselves," says Ordoveza. She should also be able to talk to you about what she expects from you as her employer and give you feedback on your managing style. That also means you should be open to hearing her side. Have a regular talks to maintain a good professional relationship.

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    5. Observe how she handles distractions. 
    Ordoveza shares that some nannies are really good at their job, but others can get distracted with personal issues. Not to say that they should dedicate her life at your service, but a nanny should be professional about it. In Filipino, conscientious could be translated to "may malasakit sa alaga niya at sa trabaho niya". If you see and your nanny genuinely loves for your child, then that's really a plus factor," Ordoveza stresses. Discuss anything that's distracting her and try to help her address this so she could focus on her job. 

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    Feedback is crucial when evaluating a nanny's performance, but here are five initial things that you should tell you the one you hired is doing a good job. When you get back from work, check your baby and you should see that....

    You child is happy or peaceful.
    Your child is clean and his environment is tidy.
    Your child is active and eating healthy, or magana kumain.
    Your child is hardly sick.
    Your child is safe from accidents.

    Even when the nanny you hired had all the requirements you need, sometimes it still doesn't work out. Maybe she's good with taking care of the baby, but her working ethic or personality may not be a fit with you or the family. That happens.

    "Looking for the best nanny for you and your baby is a continuous journey," Ordoveza says.

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