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  • Sending Yaya to School

    Is it purely an act of generosity, or are there strings attached?
    by Tisha C. Bautista .
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    However, if you would still like to help your staffer yet do not want to run the risk of getting disappointed, perhaps you can try this compromise: Offer to give her a loan that is perhaps either interest-free or with extremely low rates. This is another way of helping out, with a better guarantee of “getting your money back”. Should you require even more security, draw up a contract to specify the terms and conditions of your expectations (how long you expect her to be in your employ, what her hours are, her benefits, etc.)

    Regardless of what you decide, helping someone is always a wonderful thing. How you actually go about doing this is dependent on knowing yourself, understanding the situation and your definition of the word “giving”. As long as your intentions come from a good place, be wise about HOW you would like them to manifest so that every gift given is wholeheartedly offered and wholeheartedly received.



    Photo by bitjungle from flickr creative commons

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