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  • Shop For Essential Appliances And Gadgets Safely With Robinsons Appliances’ Click To Collect

    Just fill out an online form and pick up your order.
Shop For Essential Appliances And Gadgets Safely With Robinsons Appliances’ Click To Collect
  • With the current COVID-19 situation in the Philippines, many people have now shifted to doing their shopping online for safety and convenience. Robinsons Appliances was quick to adapt in promoting a safer shopping experience to its customers by introducing its newest digital initiative: Click to Collect.

    Click to Collect allows customers to shop safely for their essential appliances and gadgets. With just one click on the online order form, customers can order essential appliances and gadgets from the comfort of their home.

    The steps are simple:

    1. Customers submit a filled-out order form online.
    2. A store representative will quickly get in touch with them for confirmation.
    3. Once all is set, customers can collect their orders with ease at the nearest Robinsons Appliances store.

    “Our customers’ safety is our priority,” says Donna San Luis, Marketing Manager of Robinsons Appliances Corp. “We don’t want them to stay longer outside their homes buying their essential appliances or gadgets."

    She adds: "With their confirmed order through our online order form, we make sure that their item is ready by the time they collect it at the nearest Robinsons Appliances store. Aside from our customers’ safety, we also value our customers’ convenience in shopping. This initiative aims to minimize our customers’ waiting time at long queue lines in our stores.”

    As part of the Click to Collect initiative, Robinsons Appliances also put together an online catalogue of its participating brands and products for essential appliances and gadgets. Browse through their featured products and latest offers here.

    With the government-mandated community quarantine in place nationwide, Robinsons Appliances is providing more ways to stay connected with its customers.

    It recently launched a Viber community page where customers can reach out and inquire about products, payment options, other services, and more. Going beyond Robinsons Appliances’ social media pages, the Viber community page aims to provide customers a faster way to get responses to their inquiries, concerns, and order statuses.

    Stay connected with Robinsons Appliances on its official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Viber.

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