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  • Should Yaya Accompany your Child to School?

    Here are things to think about when considering whether or not a yaya around is best for your child when going to school.
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    Social Skills
    Along with independence skills, kids miss out on the opportunity to socialize, too. Naturally, thief they were left to their own devices thay get the chance to deal, bargain, cooperate or even assert themselves with other children. Being on their own encourages them to tap their inner resources and build confidence to develop social skills and self-empowerment.  

    Security Reasons
    It is understandable that with the crime rate in the country today, most parents fear for their children’s safety, thus they send an adult to go with them to school. However, realize that you cannot keep your child sheltered at all times. thebe in touch with the school administrators and learn about their policies and security measures for your peace of mind.  

    However, there are instances when having an adult go with your child in school is called for, such as :

    Your child has special needs
    Your child has medical, physical or even developmental needs that require help from an adult while in school. If this is the case, yaya’s tasks needs to communicated and explained in detail to her to ensure that she knows her purpose for being with your child in school.

    You live far from school
    For practical reasons, children who live far away from school are accompanied by yayas to school.
    Other than these, should you feel that it is absolutely necessary that your Yaya be in school with your child at all times, consider the following:

    1.    Clarify her role and set rules on security, emergencies and interacting with others.  E.g.  Use of mobile phone, to do list, dealing with other yayas, gossiping, divulging information about your family and the child, etc.

    2.    Give her a special project. E.g.  Cross stitch, crossword puzzles, self-help books, etc.

    3.    Give some tasks that she can do.  E.g. grocery list, menu the week, etc.

    4.    If capable, ask her to do small errands within the vicinity of the school.  E.g. pay bills, buy something, have something fixed, etc.

    5.    Let yaya go to class herself. Some schools, barangays or parishes offer vocational classes for free. If you enroll her to these, she can make good use of her free time. E.g. baking, sewing, etc.

    In the end, allowing your children to be on their own will make them more skillful, confident and ready for life. Yayas are there to “assist”, but should not do everything for them. What we can do as parents is to prepare them to learn life lessons and pray for their well being.  

    Photo by xadrian via flickr creative commons

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