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  • Using Soap On Your Air Con As Air Freshener? Here Are The Possible Hazards

    There's nothing wrong trying home hacks, but make sure it's safe for the whole family first.
    by Cielo Anne Calzado .
Using Soap On Your Air Con As Air Freshener? Here Are The Possible Hazards
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    Have you seen those viral posts where a famous brand of soap was tied to an air conditioning unit or electric fan rail? It prompted many to hoard soaps from groceries, because apparently, they make great air fresheners.

    While there’s nothing wrong with trying different home hacks, it’s a must to know whether it’s safe and won’t damage your appliances. In the hope of warning fellow homeowners about the dangers of using random things as fresheners, Pia de Jesus posted on the Facebook group Home Buddies to share why many of these items aren’t meant to be used as such.

    From soap and fabric conditioners, to candles and actual fresheners — Pia has tried it all. “I have no idea what the science is behind this, but this is a photo of how a box of... can't remember if soap or fabcon... MELTED into the PLASTIC of the AC cover," she shares.

    Here's how a box of soap or fab con melted when Pia placed it on the AC.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Pia de Jesus

    "It was resting against the AC, unlike some of the ‘hacks’ I've seen here that are a little further away. However you place your hacks by the AC, this is the reaction that happens between the AC air and the hack I thought was working at the time. You may not notice it but whatever reaction is happening between your soap and your AC is definitely not good,” she added.

    Pia further explained that it doesn’t matter whether your DIY freshener is placed further away from the AC as letting it evaporate through air-conditioned air can have bad reactions. A concerned member then explained that soaps have “surfactants that can damage the evaporator and cooling fins of an AC unit.”

    More than damaging your air-conditioner, using air fresheners can also be harmful to one’s health, especially if you have family members, including kids who are sensitive to fragrances.

    Are air fresheners safe?

    According to an article published on Medical News Today, a study found that home fragrances such as air fresheners and scented candles “can trigger allergy symptoms or exacerbate existing allergies and cause more severe asthma attacks.”

    While these essentials can keep your home smelling fresh all day, doctors say many of these products contain VOCs or volatile organic compounds such as alcohols, formaldehyde, and petroleum distillates, to name a few. The big shock: these fragrances don’t really remove unpleasant odors, they just mask it.

    Soaps aren’t really “air fresheners” can you still use them?

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     While soaps don’t fall under the home fragrances category, some of these are still scented and can trigger reactions. An Australian study mentioned on Health.com found that some fragrances may cause migraines and breathing problems.

    The study surveyed over 1, 000 participants and focused on their exposure to personal care products, cleaning solutions, and laundry essentials. In conclusion, the research found that 17 percent of the participants experience “respiratory difficulties, including coughing and shortness of breath,” when exposed to scented products. Professor Anne Steinemann, PhD, who lead the research, says that the health effects of fragrance sensitivity can be severe and disabling, with some respondents sharing that they had to miss work because of it.

    Be mindful of the products you use around the house and be on top of how family members react to it. Sneezing, itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, and breathing problems are just some of the symptoms of allergies.

    How can you keep your home smelling clean without air fresheners?

    Your house can still smell fresh all day without using home fragrances. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

    1. Clean your house regularly.

    Fellow moms and dads can attest to how regular cleaning can make a difference. Avoid leaving damp clothes lying around to avoid that kulob smell.

    2. Change your beddings weekly or every two weeks.

    Your bed sheets, pillow covers, and blankets must be washed and changed to help keep the bedroom smelling nice. This also applies to all soft furnishings you use around the house.


    3. Try essential oils.

    If your family members aren’t showing reactions to it, you can use a diffuser at home to make it more relaxing. Scents like lavender, pine, and citrus are perfect starters.

    4. Use all-natural deodorizers.

    Get rid of nasty odors using items you can find in your kitchen like baking soda, vinegar, charcoal, coffee grounds and lemon rinds. Click here for tips on how to use these.

    5. Decorate with plants.

    Air purifying plants can also prettify your space. You can get started with snake plants, peace lilies, and aloe vera.

    Click here for cleaners that help keep the home smelling good!

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