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  • Going To The Supermarket? 4 Things You Might Be Forgetting To Do

    Do you still remember to double-check the label of the products you buy?
Going To The Supermarket? 4 Things You Might Be Forgetting To Do
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  • Long lines and wait times aside, it’s safe to say we’ve all become experts at speed shopping by now. The current health crisis has caused us to be more alert to our surroundings, so we continue to go out only when we need to and for as little time as we can.

    But in our haste, we might be forgetting to do certain important things. We should always aim to be quick and efficient, but we should still make sure we are even allotting enough time to do the following.

    1. Have separate clothes for indoors and outdoors

    Admit it: for convenience’s sake, we sometimes don’t change our clothes, especially if we’re just going out for a quick errand (“Mabilis lang naman!”) or if the store is nearby (“Malapit lang naman.”). But regardless of the amount of time, we spend outside or the distance, remember that we still are exposed to illness-causing germs and viruses, which can stick to our clothes and shoes.

    Err on the side of caution by designating one or two pairs of shoes or sandals for outdoor use only. Remember to change your clothes, too, as soon as you get home and place them in a separate hamper to avoid contaminating other clothing.

    2. Bring hand sanitizer

    Make hand sanitizer a staple not just in your home but in your bags as well. You’ll be touching lots of different surfaces and handling items on which viruses may be lurking unseen.

    Stash a small bottle of alcohol-based sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol in your bag or purse and use it when soap and water aren’t available and when your hands aren’t visibly soiled.

    3. Check product labels

    Labels contain more than just the product’s name, a colorful and eye-catching packaging, and even promos.

    Look more carefully. You’ll see the list of ingredients and nutritional content, usually written on the back of the package, to help consumers decide which options suit their needs best.

    Contrary to what many people might think, double- and cross-checking ingredients listed on labels isn’t time-consuming at all. In fact, checking labels thoroughly, even just once, can help you save time during future grocery runs because you already know what to look for.

    And with ingredients lists now available online, you can already do this even before heading out, saving you time standing along grocery aisles. You can even jot all your choices down on paper to refer to it as you shop.

    This way, you can make better, more informed choices for you and your family.

    With this in mind, All Natural Seasons™, a product of DOLE®, launched the #PledgeToDoubleCheck movement on Instagram. It challenges moms and dads to make healthier choices for their family, starting with double-checking the back of the label of their current food and beverage choices to determine whether these are good for them.

    Join the #PledgeToDoubleCheck movement in two easy steps:

    Step 1: Take a photo of yourself reading the back label of a product you bought from the grocery.

    Step 2: Post it on Instagram. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #PledgeToDoubleCheck in your caption, and follow and tag the All Natural Seasons™ Instagram account, @allnaturalseasons.

    4. Clean and disinfect surfaces

    From running the household to caring for our loved ones, it seems we never run out of things to do at home. And in our rush to finish our chores, we fail to do certain things — such as cleaning and disinfecting surfaces where we placed grocery bags on.

    After stowing your groceries in the pantry or kitchen cabinet, clean the table, sink, and other surfaces with detergent and water. It might also be a good idea to disinfect these areas using a diluted household bleach solution.

    Time is of the essence when it comes to safety, but you should never compromise it for speed. This is a reminder that yes, you can be fast and efficient without ever sacrificing your and your loved ones’ health and security.

    All Natural Seasons™ juices are available in a supermarket near you. Find out more about the brand by following All Natural Seasons™ on Instagram.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with ALL NATURAL SEASONS™.