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Surprise! This Mom Gave Her Tween Daughter’s Bedroom A Makeover
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Marie Gaddi
  • When Marie Gaddi’s daughter, Sofia, turned 18 last year, the young lady didn’t request for a fancy present or a celebration. She chose to give back to frontliners of their city to show appreciation for their service.

    Ever since she was a child, Sofia has been diligent and considerate of the people around her. She’s not only a hardworking student, she’s also active in extra-curricular activities.

    The happy family of three — Sofia, Brady, and Marie.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Marie Gaddi

    “I thought, I have to do something that I know will at least make her happy, thus, the idea of a room makeover. I wasn’t able to do it right away and have to put it off for a year,” shares Marie. While they had to rearrange the furniture in her room to accommodate Sofia’s online classes as a college freshman, the room looked and feel the same.


    After a year of staying in her bedroom to attend classes, the now 19-year-old who is studying to become a pilot — she is currently enrolled in WCC Aeronautical & Technological College taking up BS Aviation Major in Commercial Flying — longed for a change in scenery to recharge her batteries.

    “Gusto niya daw to try living alone, with no Mama to help her with chores, do the laundry, grocery shopping, and cook,” relates Marie.

    With Sofia gone for six weeks, Marie saw this is an opportunity to finally give her daughter’s bedroom a makeover. With the help of a house painter, a furniture maker, and an electrician, Sofia’s room was transformed into a special place that’s ideal for online classes and bonding with friends.

    “At some point, our kids will grow up and their taste will evolve. They will grow tired of the bubblegum pink walls, the cute pillows, and stuffed toys. They will surely want a space they can personally call their own so think about what they would really want to have in their room,” Marie shares.

    A bedroom makeover for a young adult

    The bedroom makeover took around three weeks to accomplish — with two days spent repainting the walls; a day for electrical work, a week for building a wine rack and repainting the shelves; and a couple of days allotted for cleaning and organizing.

    The loft-type bed wasn’t replaced but Marie made sure her daughter’s belongings are more organized.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Marie Gaddi
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    Aside from repainting the bedroom’s walls, Marie also thought of putting some musical instruments on display. While Sofia loves listening to music, she wasn’t able to pursue lessons given her academic work load. Still, Marie was able to give the instruments special spots in the room.

    The wall-mounted shelves hold Sofia’s collection of scale model airplanes and a globe. The repurposed center table is made from the tires of the family’s old car and a glass top from a junk shop.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Marie Gaddi

    The couch and TV area are Marie’s favorites in the bedroom as it’s perfect for lounging, quick naps, and watching shows when Sofia is not busy with schoolwork. This is also the first time she’s giving her daughter a TV in the bedroom!

    “We built her room when she was just four years old… bawal ang TV and computer for the reason that I won’t be able to monitor what she’s watching or browsing on the Internet,” the mom recalls.

    The repainted shelves hold Sofia’s children’s books that she’s not willing to let go of yet. “She has already donated way more than she has kept, together with her toys,” says Marie.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Marie Gaddi

    Lighting plays a key role in brightening up a room, plus, it’s important when studying, too so all of the lighting pieces in the room are all brand-new.

    Investing in proper lighting can change the vibe of the space and it’s budget-friendly as well.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Marie Gaddi

    To match the color of the curtains and shelves in the room, she had the sofa she bought from a thrift shop reupholstered.

    Sofia was overjoyed when she saw her newly made over bedroom.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Marie Gaddi

    The mini bar is one of the room’s focal points. Marie explains, “It’s acceptable to let older children drink. They just have to be taught how to drink safely in a social situation, how to stand up to peer pressure, figure out what the safe limits are, learn when enough is enough and to never go beyond what they can handle.”

    Some of the bottles are for display purposes only.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Marie Gaddi

    Though she and her husband, Brady, aren’t into drinking, they allow Sofia to enjoy a few drinks when there’s an occasion. “She wouldn’t have to sneak out and go binge drinking somewhere. Alcohol isn’t prohibited in our house, it’s never allowed to flow freely either,” the mom adds.

    This corner functions as a study nook complete with a study table.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Marie Gaddi
    To avoid clutter and free up floor space, Marie brought in a cube organizer for Sofia’s shoes. Her school essentials are also neatly stored in a mobile shelf.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Marie Gaddi
    Marie’s surprise bedroom makeover for Sofia proves that there are still so much parents can do for their children even if they’re already young adults.

    “Love them unconditionally and embrace the change. Respect their choices or preferences and be supportive of their independence… create a safe space for them so they can be more open to share their struggles with you,” the proud mom shares.

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