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  • Annual evaluations are always a challenge in any household. How can you tell if yaya performed up to par? How can you gauge whether or not a raise is in order? Conversely, at what point should you consider letting a staffer go or perhaps changing her scope of work? These are very common questions that find their way into our psyche at about this time of the year. Here are some tips that may ease the discomfort of any indecision you may experience.

    When evaluating your Yaya, there are usually four aspects of their performance to consider:

    1. Baby Skills
    How has she cared for your child through the year? How is her general attitude? Does your child enjoy being with her? Does she exhibit the presence of mind needed for you to trust her completely? Is your child healthy, clean and happy? Does she at least try to teach your child by exposing her to books and educational play?

    2. Employer-Relation Skills
    How does she deal with you? How does she take to being corrected? Does she follow your instructions religiously? Does she admit it when she makes a mistake or does she resort to dishonesty by trying to find ways to mask any errors? Is she professional? Punctual? Respectful? Overly sensitive?

    3. Co-worker Relations Skills
    How does the rest of the staff take to her? Does she help out with chores that are not necessarily her own as a form of “pakikisama”? Does she possess “sariling kusa” or is she, as they say, “mabilang”? Does she start intrigues with other members of your household or is she a peacemaker? Is she a team-player?

    4. General Personal Image
    When it comes to your yaya as an individual, what is her attitude to personal hygiene, physical appearance or carriage? How does she communicate verbally as well as non-verbally? Is she motivated? How is her maturity level?


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